Remember, breakfast is the best part of the day... Now, will you get your coat on, we're late! #IrishMammies
The cold is certainly starting to set in, so make sure to wrap up and kick-start your day with this refreshing belVita recipe. It's the perfect combination of sustained energy and Vitamin C to keep you going throughout the day, while giving your immune system that all important boost. Not only that, it tastes great too!
An awesome display of colour by 5ftinf #belVitaArt #GoodMornings
belVita served Carpaccio style! #GoodMornings
Summer is looking up! Photo by @CarolineSouth
Breakfast in the park with friends #GoodMornings
The first serve of the day is a winning combination of belVita, yoghurt and strawberries. #GoodMornings
Good morning strawberries! #GoodMornings
Enjoy a smooth start to the day, with a deliciously fruity berry smoothie.
Upgrade your breakfast yoghurt with this delicious belVita and berry parfait recipe.
Because sandwiches aren’t just for lunch! #BritishSandwichWeek #DuoCrunch
Have you tried belVita breakfast biscuits yet? This guy did!
Love your Bank Holiday breakfast with this cute recipe idea! #IrishMammies
What are you doing? They're the vistor's biscuits!!! Ah, go on then… #IrishMammies
Brighten up your morning with this colourful and tasty belVita recipe.
We're kick starting the day with a breakfast latte moment. #UKCoffeeWeek
Dance at breakfast, it’s the Easter long weekend!
Spring breakfast on the go. #belVitaSoftBakes
Top o' the mornin' to ya #belVitaTops #StPatricksDay
Try a softer start to the day with new belVita soft bakes with choc chips.