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Ben Hopper
12/08/2016 at 19:04. Facebook
Josh Whitehouse. October 2016. London, UK.

More on my blog: [ Therealbenhopper.com Link ]
Ben Hopper
12/05/2016 at 12:37. Facebook
New photos I've done with Josh Whitehouse are up on my blog (link in my bio). Check it out and be ready for (even) weirder photos next time!
[ Therealbenhopper.com Link ]
Ben Hopper
12/01/2016 at 15:29. Facebook
I took this photo of the Tel Aviv Promenade (Israel) as part of a job I’ve done for Nizan Inbar, the project management company who managed the reconstruction of the promenade in 1982.
My favourite part in this photo is how the wave breakers changed the shore line to resemble and sync the shape of the promenade itself. Was it intentional? Pretty clever if it was!
Photo taken in January 2008.
Mars on Earth, it's called Timanfaya.
Lanzarote. June 2016.
More than Beauty.
Alexandrina in Lanzarote.
June 2016.
Magena Yama model / London / July 2014
This project is probably one of the best things that came out of 'photography' ..ever *face full of tears*
My new IG account @benhopperdaily for daily phone snaps is up.
This is where I'll post shit load of weird / interesting / boring daily snaps. Follow at your own risk!
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The one and only, Sandra Bérubé ...somewhere on a waterfall an hour from Montreal, last summer.
I'm not religious, but this finale from 2009 always brought tears to my eyes.
Watching Leonard Cohen finishing his concert in Israel, in front of 50,000 Israelis and referring to members of the 'Bereaved Parents for Peace', a forum of parents who lost their children, both Israelis and Palestinians, then blessing the audience with the 'Cohen Prayer' (Priestly Blessing), which according to...
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Leonard Cohen Finale in Israel - Priestly Blessing

Leonard Cohen final words at his last European tour, at Ramat-Gan Stadium, near Tel-Aviv, Israel translation from heberw: May god bless you and guard you May...

For those who missed my Transfiguration exhibition at the Roundhouse last April, here's what 1/2 of it looked like:
Self portrait at the Identity Reorganization Portal installation by Michael Emery.
#BurningMan, Sept 3, 2016.
...and my last BM post, for now, I think.
Red Sammy at #RedNoseDistrict camp. #BurningMan. September 2, 2016.
Eros Biox at #BurningMan. September 3, 2016.
Eros Biox at #BurningMan.
September 3, 2016.
Mallory Pokorny on Gene Tully's "Realize" installation.
#BurningMan. September 3, 2016.
Mallory Pokorny's pubic hair.
#BurningMan. September 3, 2016.
Uncensored: benhopper.tumblr.com
Kat Viksen (Wonderdust Supertramp) in my studio. October 2014.

Uncensored will appear on my tumblr in few days: benhopper.tumblr.com.
First (rather conservative) portrait of Josh Whitehouse from our session couple days ago. More to come!
Liz Crosby on a dusty sunset at #BurningMan.
August 31, 2016.
According to Facebook, it's not allowed for women to have nipples, and human beings, generally, to have bums.