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Ben & Jerry's
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What a year for sport! Bringing great communities together to achieve amazing things...

The Social Power of Sport!

Just like ice cream, communities come in all kinds of flavours. Together, we can make One Sweet World! [ Benjerrys.co Link ]
How many of these pint problems have you endured to reach ice cream nirvana? [ Benjerrys.co Link ]
Peace, Love & Fairtrade Ice Cream = One Love!
Caring Dairy is our quest for a healthier connection between the land, the animals and the people who care for them. [ Benjerrys.co Link ]
It's music to your ears AND tastebuds!
Temperature’s rising… If it’s melted, it’s ruined.

As Minister Denis Naughten addresses the UN climate conference in Marrakech today, his bust, along with that of Taoiseach Enda Kenny, was melting on the doorstep of Dáil Éireann, in an effort to prompt senior political figures to address climate change.

Let’s take action together, before it’s too late. benjerrys.co/2fu7b2O
We’re raising a tub to BeLonG To Youth Services for its amazing Stand Up! Campaign.

BeLonG To’s Stand Up! Campaign

Democracy is in your hands!

Thinking of our friends on US shores today. We all deserve an equal serving of democracy.
We Taste Sweeter Together! Watch the story of Coneville and help us take a stand against division with One Sweet World. [ Benjerrys.co Link ]
Our new One Sweet World flavours have a purpose. It's ice cream that does good and tastes great too!

[ Benjerry.ie Link ]
The only treats we're looking for this Halloween are ones we can eat with a spoon!
Do you know where our fudge-tastic brownies come from? Read more about New York's Greyston Bakery! [ Benjerrys.co Link ]
We're on more than a music mission with our One Love flavour. Read more about our latest tasty tribute here: [ Benjerrys.co Link ]
Our One Sweet World partner is Peter McVerry Trust! Read more about their mission for community inclusion:

One Sweet World!

Ice cream lovers rejoice - our latest flavour has landed! Say hello to One Sweet World.

One Sweet World!

We don't have to pick sides!
The Environment Ireland conference taught us that there's a long road to 2050 here in Ireland! Read more:

5 important things we learned at ‘Environment Ireland’ 2016

All around the world, we see some amazing community projects doing their bit to make the world a little bit sweeter. At Ben & Jerry’s, we’re all about positive change, so we want to shine our spoons on one project that caught our eye recently... Introducing ChangeX!

Irish Projects We Love #1: ChangeX

Last year, the people of Ireland got together to say yes to love. We partnered with YesEquality to show the people of Ireland how easy it is! Where are we now over one year on?

Stand Up For Equality! Ireland and Marriage Equality...