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A scuffle? A shuffle? A feather ruffle? Today it's all about the Truffle Kerfuffle!

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Free Cone Day game: see how many of these characters you can spot before you get your free scoop of Ben & Jerry's!

The 7 People You Meet On Free Cone Day
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Food for thought: the US has less than 5% of the world’s population, but is home to nearly 25% of the global prison population.

It’s Time to Rehabilitate Our Criminal Justice System
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Until climate change banishes the cold forever, we’ll be using these 6 genius tips.

6 Surprising Ways to Stay Warm With Ice Cream
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Say hello to Oat of This Swirled! (Psst! If you miss Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, you might be looking at your new favorite flavor.)

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And you didn’t think heaven came in cupcake form. Boy, were you wrong.

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Happy 20th Birthday, Phish Food! What's your favorite Phish Food moment?

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Brownie Batter Mudslide, featuring Irish cream. Green food coloring optional.

The Mudslide Recipe Every Brownie Batter Lover Needs to Try
Phish Food is turning 20! We thought about eating 20 pints to celebrate, but instead settled on sharing our 20 favorite Phish moments from the last two decades.

Our 20 Favorite Phish Moments Since Phish Food Launched 20 Years Ago
Here's how to convince your boss to give you Free Cone Day off. It's coming April 4th!

10 Reasons Why Free Cone Day is the Best Holiday Ever
Snow day preparedness kit.

Stock up on essentials here: [ Link ]
Only a true Ben & Jerry’s lover can get all of these flavor puzzles right on the first try.

QUIZ: How Many Of These Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Puzzles Can You Solve?
Fossil fuels? Who needs ‘em! 33 states have gotten richer while cutting carbon emissions. Is your state one of them?

33 States Growing Their Economies While Shrinking Emissions
Because sometimes being an adult is just too much. Introducing Cereal Splashback: 3 cereal milk ice cream flavors, available at our Scoop Shops. Cocoa Loco, Frozen Flakes, and coming soon: Fruit Loot!

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Free Cone Day is April 4th! Take our quiz to find out which flavor you should get!

QUIZ: Which Flavor Should You Choose on Free Cone Day?
3 NEW cereal milk inspired flavors and a giant cereal bowl ball pit. Jump in at any Scoop Shop!

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Today we stand with women around the world fighting for fair wages, paid family leave, and more.

10 Inspirational Signs in Honor of the Women’s Strike
We're introducing three new Cereal Milk ice cream flavors today and we have a giant cereal bowl ball pit too.
It’s cereal! It’s ice cream! It’s 3 NEW cereal milk ice cream flavors, only at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops!

Introducing Ben & Jerry's Cereal Splashback!
The administration’s immigration ban is bad for business and bad for America.

A Message From Our CEO on Refugees, Migration, and Justice