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Bengal Warriors
02/19/2017 at 05:10. Facebook
Known for his strong raiding skills, Monu Goyat picks up a running hand touch raid point for the #Warriors. #Warriors4Life
Bengal Warriors
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It is important for a player to fuel your body the right way for optimal performance. #CoachsCorner
Bengal Warriors
02/17/2017 at 05:58. Facebook
Timing is everything. Watch Vishal Mane's timely thigh hold followed by a Chain tackle from the Warriors. #Warriors4Life
Bengal Warriors
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Speed, Stamina and Strength form the core of Simon Kibura's abilities as a Speedy Warrior and Kabaddi player.
Top Foreign Star & also the most beloved Kabaddi Player, Warrior Jangkun Lee, isn't he? #Warriors4Life #Valentine
Vishal Mane shows the might of a Warrior with that solo tackle #Warriors4Life #Prokabaddi
*Drumrolls* We have our winner for the #WordPuzzle contest. Congratulations to Som Nath. Kindly inbox us your details :) #Contest
Warrior Girish Ernak shows why he is rated so highly with that crucial last second save to deny Pirate Pardeep Narwal a Super Raid. #Kabaddi #Warriors4Life
Put your #Kabaddi knowledge to test. Is that a Bonus or No Bonus?
Share your answers in the comments below! #Warriors4Life
A Daring Heist! Ravi Dalal calmly picks a bonus point as all 7 pirates are reduced to mere spectators. #Warriors4Life
Can you think like a warrior and make a decision? #Warriors4Life
Watch, Watch, Watch & Pounce. Vishal Mane exhibits patience and vigilance a Warrior must possess. #Warriors4Life ProKabaddi
It's Friday, it's time for Fun!
Can you find names of 5 Warriors in the Word Puzzle #Warriors4Life #Contest
Nitin Madane kept bamboozling the defenders in ProKabaddi Season 4 with his agile and acrobatic raids. #Warriors4Life
Often seen scoring points with his incisive raids, Warrior Jangkun Lee shows his defensive prowess. #Warriors4Life
Wishing a very happy birthday to our acrobatic raider Simon Kibura
'Furaha ya Kuzaliwa'
He who conquers others is strong, he who conquers himself is mighty. #MondayMotivation #Warriors4Life
Sunday brings out the fun side of the Warriors!
How well you know your favorite Warrior? #Warriors4Life
With only 30 secs in hand, a player's concentration and presence of mind is of utmost importance for the game. #CoachsCorner #Warriors4Life