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Honored to have won Best of show at Venezia International Tattoo Convention.

Inkjecta machines
Intenze inks
Done at Dr Pepper Tattoos in Athens, Greece ☺
Inkjecta machines
Intenze ink
A HEALED photo of the 6 artist collaboration done at the London Tattoo Convention recently that won Best of Show :)

Myself, Steve butcher, Matt Jordan, Jak Connolly, Sam barber and Yomico Moreno did this piece over 6-7hours.

So much fun to create!
Extremely proud to have won "Best of Show" at the London Tattoo Convention on a 6 artist collaboration done in one day at the show!

With Steve Butcher, Jak Conolly, Sam Barber, Yomico Moreno and Matt Jordan.
Annnnnnd paper to skin...
Inkjecta machines & Intenze Inks

Thanks Marco.
Pencil to paper...
Finished off this fun piece the other day ☺
Inkjecta Intenze Tattoo Ink Electrum Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer
Done over two days. Super tough client.
Thanks brad!

Inkjecta Intenze Tattoo Ink Electrum Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer
Done with Inkjecta V2 and Intenze Intenze Tattoo Ink
Started this 3 years ago, happy to finally finish!

Inkjecta machines & intenze inks
A good start to a new chest piece.

Inkjecta machines & Intenze inks.
Carnage done at FY Ink here in Toronto ☺

Inkjecta machines and intenze ink.
Last piece done in Athens @ Dr PepperTattoo ☺
Two days of brutality. Tough client.

Inkjecta machines & intenze inks
Honored to finish my guest spot at Heaven of Colours with a tattoo on my mate Dave Paulo's hand!
Thanks everyone for a great time.
See you soon.

Done as always with Intenze Tattoo Ink and Inkjecta machines!
Done at my mate Randy's studio Heaven of Colours in Germany

Always with Intenze Ink and Inkjecta machines
1st place Best colour realistic portrait at the Roma a Tattoo Convention

Inkjecta machines and intenze inks!
Done at the Frankfurt Tattoo Convention ☺

Inkjecta machines and Intenze Ink
Done at Zyla Ink in Warsaw, Poland.

Sponsored by Intenze Ink and Inkjecta machines.
I don't really use this Tattoo Page as Facebook limit the exposure of each photo unless you pay.

But for those who still see the images, here's a piece I just did in Denmark at the Aarhus Tattoo Convention ☺

Intenze ink
Continued Käthchen's leg at the Tattoo Expo Zwickau :)
Inkjecta Intenze Tattoo Ink Electrum Premium Tattoo Stencil Primer Protat