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What I'm like in public lately when I allow myself to drop into the beyond.

Guinea Pig discovers the meaning of life

Rip adrevenue I got a copyright strike :--D

Bentinho Massaro
03/24/2017 at 11:51. Facebook
**Are you REALLY happy?**

It's quite amazing how unaware we can be while we speak, share funny stories, laugh, have fun, socialize and are being friendly with a big fat smile on our face, how much tension, fear, hope and lack beliefs can constitute that behavior.

To one who has truly no needs from his/her social environment nor from his/her own mind, but is instead completely at peace and...
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Bentinho Massaro
03/23/2017 at 09:38. Facebook
Bentinho Massaro
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Not many know this but I created a page for pointers specifically designed to realize the Absolute beyond pure Consciousness. Few will ever realize this, but it is ever possible. Like/follow the page if interested:
Bentinho Massaro
03/22/2017 at 21:10. Facebook
Stop everything you're doing. In your direct experience, now, find that which never changes. Find that which does not change while the visual appearances of this illusory world move about chaotically. Find that which does not change while the sense organs project their ever turbulent worlds. Find that which does not change while desires crave never-ending gratification from the illusion of...
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Bentinho Massaro
03/21/2017 at 02:07. Facebook
Imagine a nuclear explosion destroyed your mind forever. What of you would remain? Be that, ignore all else. Happiness eternal.
Bentinho Massaro
03/19/2017 at 20:21. Facebook
Objective reality is not real. Every object exists only as the beholder. Turn the beholder inward unto itself as I-I, aware of the formless knower, by ignoring any and all objects of attention so the Self can shine forth. As the vividness and validity of the presence of the pure knower increases, watch as the sense of an external world--a world in addition to the knower, as if apart from the...
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"I know that every time I think I'm right, I'm wrong." - @allisonmclarty

True humility is an absolute requirement for rapid spiritual advancement. Are you willing to be undone by the teaching, teacher, God? Can you be 20 times more humble and empty than you think you already are now? It will serve you greatly.

Independence is great but a massive illusion before true freedom is established....
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The difference between an awakened one able to recognize the Self and a Self-Realized one who is eternally free as absorbed in the Self, is the intensity of their desire for completion and the consistency with which they are willing to practice Self-Recognition. Self-Recognition rarely turns into Self-Realization, but it can be done. In Self-Realization the recognizer has disappeared and only...
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Whenever you feel less than blissful, ask yourself deeply "Who is it that's feeling less than blissful?" And allow your attention to turn inward unto the assumed sense of 'me' which thinks it feels a certain way because of one of endless reasons (lack beliefs). In that meeting point with the false self you will find that it is never the real You/Awareness that feels less than free, it's always...
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2-step meditation that'll blow your mind into eternal bliss when practiced consistently:
The path of true Self Realization becomes increasingly more narrow as one approaches higher degrees of freedom/realization. On this path, the first illusion to overcome is that you are a body/mind/person. To do this, turn your attention toward awareness itself relentlessly, for years, every day without skipping a single day. Make it your most beloved and important focus until the sensation of...
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Photos taken by Alex en Anne Fotografie
If you could see yourself as the Creator sees you, you would be unconditionally in love with every piece that makes up your individuality, yet perfectly detached from yourself AS that individual. You cannot truly love what you believe yourself to be confined by. Complete Freedom is required for unconditional love to flow. Love before absolute freedom is realized is merely sympathy.
Just because we aren't intentionally lying, that doesn't mean we're being honest. Until our identification with mind ends completely, we can never be sure. Always inquire. Always go deeper. Always seek for the source behind your currently assumed position.
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Daily sessions in...
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Bentinho Massaro in Sedona: 5-Day & 2-Day Endless Bliss Retreat

**How to Realize Endless Bliss**

Sliding-scale prices for this Weekend Event start at $99! We wanted this to accessible for all.

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**How to Realize Endless Bliss?**

Is it possible?
Who is destined to realize this?
Can anyone realize this?
Is it worth the...
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2-Day Bentinho Retreat, Sedona - 'How to Realize Endless Bliss'd
What sense is there in worrying about death and uncertainty, spending your whole life efforting and stressing to acquire security for you and your family and kids, only to end up dying having lived a life of stress and inhibitions, never really knowing who you are? Be here now, live freely, and find out what it is that dies until you know for a fact that it is not you. To realize your...
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5-Day Silent Retreat in Sedona, AZ
I am that which cannot ever be affected. I am that which has never been affected. I am that which will never be affected. I am that which, when the totality of multiverses disappear remains as it is today. I never came and thus have no notion of what it means to go. I was never born and cannot ever perish. All-That-Is has spontaneously appeared on top of me, the Absolute. Neither thought nor...
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