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Bentinho Massaro
01/15/2017 at 21:39. Facebook
First night in Bali. Just arrived at our compound. It's mind-blowing. Celebrating with one of my favorite whiskeys at 5am before taking a few hour nap. More footage/vibes of our amazing multi-faceted Bali team retreat coming your way over the next few weeks.

Join us in the attitude of abundant and powerful co-creation. Tap into our energy, and benefit as much as you can. Use it as...
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Bentinho Massaro
01/14/2017 at 14:07. Facebook
**The Hero's Way**

You who walk with confidence in your highest intention—devoid of expectation and appreciative of every moment regardless of how it appears to unfold—will walk this universe with unshakable truth and unfettered tread.

To you, mountains will move, oceans shall part, trees will bow down and lions shall sleep on your lap.

You have emptied your fears, revealed your Self as...
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Bentinho Massaro
01/14/2017 at 00:47. Facebook
As the waves and clouds of life pass you by, rest blissfully in the intuitive recognition of Stable Awareness; that which never leaves you for even a second. That which is timelessly true throughout all the passings of time. That which is aware of you reading this sentence right now... Ever shining like the sun.
Bentinho Massaro
01/12/2017 at 09:14. Facebook
Authenticity = Happiness

What's authentic for one person at one time does not have to be authentic for another person at one time. However: the act of being authentic with what's authentic, is authentic for each person at all times.

If we want rapid growth, we are responsible for creating a pristine social environment around us that holds everyone—especially ourselves—accountable for being...
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Bentinho Massaro
01/11/2017 at 19:26. Facebook
The flip charts used in this week's retreat. See you all in The Netherlands for the most epic retreat yet:
Frans Iradi gave an incredibly aligned dance party for us on his birthday during my 6-Day retreat in St Thomas. 4 hours of epic flow. He'll be there for the Netherlands Retreat in July as well, with more people (.

Thank you brother, it was SO good to feel your skill and authenticity come through in your artistry! You make me want to become a DJ. #epicparty #stthomasmarriott #trinfinity...
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"I'm feeling profoundly dissolved in non-action. Nothing true can be contrived, nothing real can be created. The Real Self is already perfect. It IS All that is, yet simultaneously beyond. "

Photo: Syvonne Kozuch
The Sun loves you. Creation loves you. I love you. Everything loves you. Know this.
Another great and heartfelt community session at the retreat today. Thank you--participants--for being so brave and open. I love your hearts.
Enter the paradise of your own alert stillness daily... A day without conscious connection to your true Self is not a day at all; it is the darkest of nights.
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- Co-create an Enlightened Civilization.
- Co-create an Enlightened Civilization.
- Co-create an Enlightened Civilization.
Virgin Islands Bliss. Where will you celebrate the New Year?
Early risin'. On my way to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Excited for my upcoming retreat: Uniting the Awakened Ones in Service to the World. Let's see what comes out of this one :). Tickets still available at bentinhomassaro.com/events -- Live stream available as well. Also coming to Netherlands next year for an epic all-inclusive residential retreat.
What can you let go of today that you KNOW doesn't serve you any longer? What has been dragging you down? Let go of at least one such thing/person and enter into the new year fresh. Share in comments.
Love, is. Be That. Radiance results. Then it attracts.