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To celebrate the launch of the Bentley Continental #Supersports, Breitling for Bentley has created a limited-edition chronograph with a titanium case, carbon dial and a connected movement equipped with functions dedicated to motorsports. [ Link ]
Bentley Motors
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"Its an amazing car, the Bentley Continental. The aluminium engine-turned dash is one of my favourite interiors on a Bentley - and it is the ultimate motoring machine." George Bamford, #BeExtraordinary [ Link ]
Bentley Motors
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Supersports new lightweight forged wheels can withstand loads of over 8,000 N (Newtons) – enough to pick up a typical city car: [ Link ]
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The Supersports torque vectoring system controls torque at individual wheels to increase acceleration performance out of corners: [ Link ]
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Each of the 12,000 strands of carbon fibre in every square of the new patterned carbon veneer is ten times thinner than a human hair - but 100 times stronger. [ Link ]
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At its top speed of 209 mph, Supersports covers the length of a football pitch every second: [ Link ]
At 209 mph over 3,800 litres of air pass through the Supersports’ radiator every second – enough to fill a full-size shipping container in just 10 seconds [ Link ]
To produce over 1,000 Nm of torque, Supersports turbochargers spin at more than 2,500 revolutions per second, with the turbines reaching peak temperatures of almost 1,000˚C. [ Link ]
Supersports carbon brakes withstand heat of up to 1,000˚C – the same temperature as lava. [ Link ]
Supersports carbon brakes withstand heat of up to 1000 degrees celsius - the same temperature as lava. Discover Supersports: [ Link ]
Where engineering meets design, there is space to breathe The London Design Festival Serpentine Galleries [ Link ]
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After eight years, the grand tourer that broke the mould is back, and it’s faster and more powerful than ever. The new Continental #Supersports takes performance to whole new levels, and is seen here powering through St Moritz. Discover more: [ Link ]
Join us LIVE today at 1PM EST to see the full unveiling of the new Continental Supersports, the most extreme Bentley ever. Share comments and questions below to be part of our Facebook Live experience. #BeExtraordinary
The new Continental Supersports is the most powerful Bentley ever, taking you from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds. Discover more: [ Link ]

Interior specification: Beluga hide with Linen and Hotspur accents, Alcantara seats, Piano Black veneer and chequered carbon fibre fascia panels.
Witness the unveiling of the fastest 4-seat vehicle LIVE on Facebook this Sunday at 1pm (EST). Sign Up to RSVP: [ Link ]
Introducing the new Continental Supersports, the fastest Bentley ever built, with a top speed of 209 mph. Discover more: [ Link ]

Exterior specification: Unique Supersports body styling, Magnetic paint with dark tint brightware, 21” Black and Bright machined alloy wheels.
Expertly hand-crafted, "Bentleys don't really have that new car smell so much as that new Louis Vuitton-wallet smell." Car and Driver Discover more about Bentley: [ Link ]
The most extreme Bentley ever... is coming
In Crewe, CNN witnessed #Bentley artisans and technology working in concert, as long-standing traditions receive "enhancement through modernization." [ Link ]

Discover the world of Bentley for yourself: [ Link ]