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Winter time is for colours and spaces that sooth your soul. #ColourChemistry
As opposed to the present perception of the colour, the Native American tribes considered yellow to indicate the bravery of the wearer. #ColourFact
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Lime and lemony #ColourInspiration!
There is more to colourful cushions on a sofa than you think. Find out the do’s and dont’s of cushion decor on our Colour Magazine.

Decorating with Cushions...

Can you decode these colour-filled places of India? Comment away your guesses!
Every colour is special and so is the person with a colourful name. #TagAFriend
Paintings or Decals? What will adorn your walls better? #PickYourFavourite
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An interesting trend is arranging minimalist frames and vases on the floor adjacent to a wall in your comfort corner. #DecorTip
#DidYouKnow The second full moon in a calendar month is known as the Blue Moon, which actually happens only once in every 32 months. Thus, once in a blue moon became a popular phrase to denote a rare event.
250,000 people and approximately 50,000 camels converge every year at Pushkar, Rajasthan, to celebrate the 100 year old annual festival, the Pushkar Mela, that is a riot of colours!

Rajasthan’s Pushkar Fair – A Riot of Colours!

Are you pro enough to spot the matching cans?
The utterly spectacular colours and the inverted-V shaped formation seen here is part of the limestone formation, Yacoraite, which extends from Peru to Salta, through Bolivia and the Quebrada de Humahuaca. #ColourfulWorld
To bring in a light, airy effect to the room, pick soothing tones of brighter colours such as butter yellow, or sage green. #ColourTips
Now Imagine Colours like never before with our restyled blog! #ImagineColours

Better Colours In Your Life

Get your undertones right and you can pair up any colours you want. The correct shade of a colour is chosen according to the undertones of the other colours in the palette - warm, cool or neutral.
Which of these spots would be your sneak-peek into the world? #PickYourFavourite
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