Light yellows, blues, greens and oranges make a great lively colour for your kitchen, inspiring you to spend more time in them. Offset these colours with greys, whites or neutrals for a kitchen that is fresh on style. #ColourTip
What’s your favourite colour? Tell us. #PickYourFavourite
From walls to doors to windows, calculate and cover all your bases before initiating the painting process with our Paint Calculator tool:
How about spending some quality time in an indoor camp for a cosy weekend with kids? #DIY
Wrap paintbrushes tightly in either kitchen foil or cling film so that air cannot get to it. The brushes will then be ready for use later. #PaintTip
What do you think of this #TriColour themed room? #ColourChemistry
Get some inspirations for the first impressions of your home:
A colour to refresh and sooth you with the orange charm. #ColourInspiration
#DidYouKnow the fluorescent yellow colour of tennis balls is known as 'high visibility optic yellow‘ because it makes it easier for the ball to be spotted on TV.
Magh Bihu is celebrated in the month of January to mark the end of the harvest season when there is an abundance of everything. Get a insight of Magh Bihu here…
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Magh Bihu – The Harvest Festival
Retro lighting is the perfect way to add a bit more character without going over the top. Invest in it to illuminate your living room and create a wonderful ambiance. #DecorTip
#DidYouKnow the phrase “purple prose” stands for ornate and flowery text. As #purple often stands for vanity, the colour was chosen to describe the unnecessary elaboration of a concept.
How do you like your dining table? Quirky or classic? #PickYourFavourite
From tackling termites to keeping the city cool, there are several theories why Jodhpur is the “Blue City.” Find out the mystery and history behind the Blue City...

The Blue City
Don’t leave a single colour untouched! #Goals #MondayMotivation
Colourful places do inspire beauty, just like this town of Procida, Naples in Italy. #ColourfulWorld
We always talk about the décor dos, now it’s time to cover the don’ts of décor, so let’s hope you can avoid these décor faux pas. #DecorTip

Decorating Don'ts
Nyhavn, a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark, is lined by brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants, which are a cheerful sight to see. #ColourfulWorld
Winters are all about rosy hues, cosy colours and a rich, deep comfortable setting to enjoy your hot chocolate. Keeping this in mind, you can combine the subtle and feminine shades of blush pink or dusty pink and a warm grey, include a white trim if possible for the perfect finishing touch. #ColourTip
Unlike all the other Hindu festivals, how does Makarsankranti (Bihu, Pongal, Lohri) fall on the same day every year? Find out the answer to this and many other interesting facts on our colourful blog this month. #HappyHarvest #HappyMakarsankranti

The Indian Festival of Kite-Flying