Can’t take your eyes off this, right? The delicious #ColourChemistry of this cupcake is just irresistible!
Years ago, when the fishermen returned from the sea, they couldn’t identify their house through the fog, so they started painting them with different colours. #BuranoIsland #ColourfulWorld
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Guess the correct shade of the pear and comment! #ColourQuiz
#DidYouKnow the colour Pink holds the properties to soothe the nerves and reduce stress.
Berger WeatherCoat Tartaruga is specially formulated with UV resistant pigments that enable the paint to be fade-resistant. [ Link ]
Marble or Glass; what will you prefer for your living room? #PickYourFavourite and comment away!
Neutrals are not always boring! Go for smoky lavender, moss green and chocolate brown. #ColourTip
Madurai Float Festival is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque and visually appealing festivals of India and attracts pilgrims from all over the country. #ImagineColours

Be greeted by flowers, colours & fire crackers at the Madurai...
The #ColourChemistry of fresh green and pastel pink is so refreshing.
A natural brown curtain, wooden blinds or decorative wooden items such as hand-fans can add to your décor's earthy quotient. #DecorTip
Fresh and energetic inspiration will help you be calm and relaxed. #ColourInspiration #KiwiKiss
Choose a shade or a combination of colours and see how it will look on your room's wall.
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This Valentine’s Day, let the colour of love and romance rule your life. Wish you all a #HappyValentinesDay!
It was a fun-filled colourful day at Mumbai! Here is a glimpse at what happened through the day. #BergerXp
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Indonesia's Kawah Ijen Volcano, distinctively ignites with an electric blue. These blue flames are difficult to see during day but it illuminates the landscape at night. #ColourfulWorld
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