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03/24/2017 at 04:50. Facebook
Nice chunky Yellow Belly caught by Josh Read on the Gulp! 3" Minnow Grub in Black.

The Camo and Black coloured Minnow Grubs are by far the best bait colour pattern for Aussie natives
Berkley Fishing
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One of my best days fishing, hooked up two healthy Mangrove Jacks measuring around the 50cm mark.

Caught it on the trusty Berkley Powerbait 6" Grub in Lumo colour.

They say big bait = big fish ! Can't go wrong with that :)

- Mikey Carter
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03/22/2017 at 03:51. Facebook

- Brent Hodges

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I like to rig the Berkley Gulp 3" Minnow with a small jig head so that the lure suspends slowly into the depth, just like an injured bait fish.

It also keeps the bait in the strike zone and in front fish's face.

The best method is to skip cast up undercut banks and trees. It usually gets munched on the drop. If I'm fishing a nice bit of structure I like to just hop it out a few meters then...
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A bit of a snapper bi-catch on the south coast of NSW throwing around a 3" Powerbait - Pearl Watermelon Shad matched with the 2-5kg Berkley E-motion rod.

- Jack Hammond
Got these bass on the Berkley Powerbait 3" Minnow in Pearl Watermelon colour on a 1/24o.z, size 2 Berkley Nitro jighead.

Couldn't get a hit on any hardbody lure, so i rigged up the Powerbait Minnow and landed 5 bass.

The good old Berkley Powerbait always save the day

- Ricky Farrell
71cm Mulloway caught on a Berkley 4" Nemesis on the Berkley 1/4 oz. Niitro jiighead.

Landed it on the Berkley E-Motion Spinning rod.

- Mitch Worth
Stunning Mangrove Jack caught on the Berkley Gulp! 4" Shrimp in Banana Prawn colour.

- Christian Walker
Mikey Carter's favourite Bass go-to lure has to be the Berkley 3B Fat Dog deep.

The subtle erratic wobble action on the 3B Fat Dog makes them irresistibly effective lure for many species.
Hi Berkley, just wanted to share a pic of my new PB kingy landed yesterday in the yak, 98cm's. Taken on a 28gram Berkley Squiddo jig

- Mathew Harland
Gulp 3" Jigging Shrimp working wonders around the structure getting into the more territorial species like this pair of estuary cod.

- Charlie Boyes
Managed some more quality Lake Glenbawn bass over the weekend for the first time fishing the dam I gotta say I am impressed on the fish it produced on Berkley 3B Pop Dogs in the shade running 10lb Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon leader.

Trying to stop them from busting us off in the snags was good fun

- Jack Hammond
Check out Dave Seamans article in Hooked Up on bAss on plastics
The Supertank is in Goulburn over the weekend. Head on down to the show and see what the fish see. Great tips on what lures to use and how to use them. Berkley Supertank
Check out where the Supertank will be at [ Link ]
Cooper with the Cod he caught at Hervey Bay.

- Mike Czislowski
Powerbait Rib Shad in Pearl White as the trailer bait on your spinnerbait, proves a winner for Cod fishing.

Here's Charlie Boyes with a nice healthy cod !
Why is Fireline the best superline for spin reels? Find out more in this clip with Adam Royter
FireLine® has been a leader in the superline category for years. FireLine was always smooth and now it is even smoother. FireLine was always tough and now it is even tougher.
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Great tips from U.S Berkley Tournament Angler Mike Iaconelli on how to spool your line correctly into your spinning reel

Enjoy it and share it with friends
My Son-in-law and my grand-daughter Ellie.. All ready to go on their fishing adventure/ honeymoon (my daughter Brooke took these photos)

They were only married on the 11th of February '17.. Thought I would send you a copy of the pics.. All decked out.. Great shirts!!

- Cheryl Williams
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