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We brought over 1,000 MILES of fishing line to the #BassmasterClassic Expo and we’re excited to start spooling! #BerkleyFishing
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Caught up with Justin Lucas this morning talking about his Day 1 #bassmasterclassic strategy.
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Dredgers on display

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The Berkley Havoc Sickfish and Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon are just a few of the tackle that'll be in Skeet Reese - Professional Angler boat at this year's #BassmasterClassic.
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Trying to get dialed in at Lake Conroe! #toomanyrodsonthedeck
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The Berkley Trilene was the key to reeling in this big catfish! Nice catch, Paul!
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Mike Iaconelli shares his plan for the 2017 #BassmasterClassic:

"This year's Bassmaster Classic will be unique. It's the first time ever that the tournament will be held in mid March. This means that bass will most likely be in some phase of the spawn! Because of this, I believe soft plastics will play a major role in this event! I'm looking to use larger Texas rigged soft plastics like the...
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Have you tried the new Berkley Dredger yet? It's the crankbait that your line has been waiting for.

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It's finally spring! As the season ramps up, target winter-weary fish as they eagerly trade deep-water sanctuaries for fast-warming shallows offering abundant baitfish and other sources of sustenance. Other spring strategies hinge on intercepting gamefish migrations aimed at the spawning grounds. #BerkleyFishingTips
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Wake up and smell the bait. #powerbait
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Don't forget your green today! #StPatricksDay
Channel cats typically gather in small groups. Where you catch one, you can usually pick up several more before the bite dies and you need to move down the bank, so quickly cast back to the spot where the fish struck after catching a catfish. #BerkleyFishingTips
""I love the Dropshot Power Bass Minnow. Bass destroy it! I found a new love for fishing through this bait!" - Berkley fan, Benjamin

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My fifth grader decided to do his science fair project determining which 10 lb fishing line was the strongest. Trilene was definitely the strongest. Quality is worth a little more!
Berkley angler, Dennis, enjoying ice fishing before spring comes. He caught this 8lb 10oz beauty on Lake Winnipeg using the Berkley Fireline.
Wednesday got me thinking like! ???????????? Abu Garcia Berkley Fishing Spiderwire Lowrance Under Armour Fishing Bob's Machine Shop
One of the easiest and most effective means of catching more catfish is using dips, doughs and chunks. The Berkley PowerBait PowerDip is a great option to help #catchmorefish!

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Do you know any high school or college student anglers? Tell them to check out Berkley Team Red, an interactive, online fishing program where they can complete challenges to earn points and win prizes. Coaches are welcomed to report on team activities as well!

Let the challenge begin! Sign up here: [ Link ]
What are you reeling in this weekend?
Berkley fan Bobby used the Trilene Sensation and Amp Casting Rod to catch this largemouth.

Share your catch and story with us on our website for a chance to be featured. Learn more: [ Link ]