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And the nominee for Best Supporting Roll is......
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Have you been framed?
Last chance this weekend to get your Bertucci Smoochie on!
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Erupting at a Bertucci's near you. Soon.
Chef Rosario's stromboli hits our menu Monday.
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If you're celebrating #NationalMargaritaDay, may we suggest our kind of Margherita?? (We have the other kind too!)
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Let the wining begin. #WineWednesday

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I cannot tell a lie. George Washington did the #BertucciSmoochie! Happy Birthday, GW.
In the "need to know" department, watch Chef Rosario demonstrate the way to cut an onion.
Comfort food needed STAT!

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A former Bertucci's waitstaff person is now a teacher at school near our Mt Laurel location. He treated his well-behaved class to our delicious Bertucci's cookies and wanted to share their thanks!
Happy Valentine's Day! Sending lots of #PizzaLove to you.
Are you?? #BertucciSmoochie
Doin' the Bertucci Smoochie!!

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Two score and many more #BertucciSmoochie(s) to Lincoln. Happy Birthday!!!
Everybody's doin' the Bertucci Smoochie!
“Dough is a living thing. You must treat it gently.” Words from the wise and talented Chef Rosario. [ Link ]

Tenderness and restraint are key to pizza love - Hungry Travelers
Perfecting pizza, one ball of dough at a time! Chef Rosario and The Hungry Travelers talk pizza dough and pizza crusts. [ Link ]

Perfecting pizza, one ball of dough at a time - Hungry Travelers
Rejoice, it's #NationalPizzaDay!
Did you know the Margherita Pizza, queen of all pizzas, was named for Queen Margherita of Italy? According to legend, in 1889, the Margherita Pizza, whose red tomatoes, green basil, and white cheese represent the Italian flag, was named for the Queen!
Where in the world will Chef Rosario be for #NationalPizzaDay (tomorrow!), you ask? Christiana (DE) Bertucci's for lunch and Annapolis (MD) Bertucci's for dinner. Come by and meet Chef!
Earlier today in Medford: It's snowing outside, the fires are burning hot inside and Shelly's making pizzas for delivery. It's not yet 10:30am.