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Rainy days and Mondays always make me HUNGRY!
(Nothing that a little spinach and artichoke dip can't cure!)

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Get your game day pizzas here!!
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If you're doing carryout tonight, try not to eat all of the pizza on the way home. #BrickOvenLove

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It's dinner time!

Our Nolio Pizza
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Here, have a smile. It's on the roll!

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Feel the heat. #BrickOvenLove
Speak no evil. See no evil. Play with dough. #SundayFunday
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Your favorite pizza?
The next one.

Order your next pizza online for tonight's game.
[ Link ]

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Friday night's alright for....carry out. (Sorry EJ)
Order online: [ Link ]

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Ayden, thanks for your excellent essay. You got an A, right?
You had me at unlimited insalata and rolls.
For this #TucciTuesday, TELL us by commenting below what Bertucci's dish do you want Chef Rosario to consider putting back on our menu.

(The Nolio Pizza, an original Bertucci's pizza, is back on the menu! Photo Credit: @BabyPop | Instagram)
What to do with leftover Bertucci's rolls and meatballs? Meatball sliders, of course!
Grazie, Superexhausted! And Chef Rosario, says "Ciao, Bella!"

Bertucci’s Anniversary Menu - Superexhausted's Blog
Less than 4 hours till kickoff. Call your local Bertucci's to order up these #GameDay deals: [ Link ]
Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful....
In the department of "Did You Know"...
Our beloved Sporkie pizza was named after Bertucci's founder Joey Crugnale's son who used to get dirty with flour in the kitchen. In Italian, we say "Guarda che ti sporchi" or "be careful about getting dirty." Sporchi - pronounced "sporky" was Joey's son's nickname. And now you know!
This is HOT!
Baked Tortellini and Chicken Gratinati straight from our brick oven.