Since becoming parents, Wendy and Justin looked for ways to teach their children the importance of helping those in need. When they met Apple, a kitten at Best Friends Animal Society - Utah suffering from a terminal illness, they knew she was meant to be a part of their family.

Meet the incredible family that took a chance on love with Apple, and how she has changed their lives forever in...
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No one wanted this dying kitten, until one special family came along
Cockatiels, puppies and turkeys — oh my! There's something for everyone in this week's Favorite Photos. We hope you enjoy some of our top moments from around the Sanctuary this week!
After his world-traveling cat passed away, Brody was left with a cat-shaped void in his heart. Determined to find love again, Brody and his girlfriend traveled to Best Friends Animal Society - Utah to make the perfect match.

See how they found a kindred spirit in Friday in this heartwarming story! -emily

Love and adventure for a little black cat
No matter how old they are, they are always puppies at heart!

Celebrate #NationalPuppyDay with some of our canine friends in action and share pics of your own pups in the comments below! -emily
We asked you to share what the Sanctuary means to you, and you answered!

Find out why the Sanctuary is such a magical place to animal lovers like you across the country. -emily

Stronger Sanctuary 2017 - In Your Words | Best Friends Animal Society
Who doesn’t love a good slumber party? A new initiative at Best Friends Animal Society - Los Angeles is helping canines find their forever homes by sending them into a foster home for a weekend.

While these pups are having a blast, their foster parents get a chance to learn more about them. Watch how this program is working to help these amazing animals find their forever homes and SHARE to...
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Sawyer may not be ready yet, but soon he’ll be able to join the family eagerly waiting to welcome him home. Until then, the kitten with polydactyl paws will stay at his foster home, where every day is a chance for him to gain the confidence and strength he needs to stand on his own three feet.

Don’t miss this sweet boy’s journey toward a happy, healthy future and learn how the Tucson...
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Three legs, 100 percent adorable
Actor Patrick Stewart has a new leading lady, and their love story is burning up the screen.

Meet Ginger, a pit bull described as an “angel in fur” by Patrick’s wife, Sunny Ozell. The two are fostering Ginger through Wags and Walks, an NKLA Coalition partner. Click through to get a glimpse of their adorable love story. -emily

Wags to riches
Munchkin loves people — any stranger is quickly her friend! This beauty loves nothing more than being petted. Though she tests positive for FIV, she can still live a long and happy life. Munchkin does prefer to be the queen of her castle, and would prefer not having a lot of other cats around.

Is Munchkin the one you’ve been searching for? Apply to adopt HERE: As this...
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At first it seemed like Abby didn’t like people. She shied away from caregivers’ hands and watched everyone with suspicion. But since arriving at Best Friends Animal Society - Cat World with 67 other cats, Abby has made so much progress.

Learn how Abby and dozens of other cats are getting the TLC needed to help them with health and happiness following their incredible rescue. -emily

67 cats find Sanctuary at Best Friends
Caboodle and his sister Kit were abandoned on the side of the road in Missouri when they were only eight weeks old. A rescue organization saved the Siberian husky mix puppies, but it was clear that they would need special care for their unknown neurological condition.

Now, these puppies with special needs are thriving thanks to their team of helpers at Best Friends Animal Society - Dogtown....
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Puppy power
“We are absolutely not getting a dog today.” — David Johnston to his husband, Danny Costa.

David must have really meant what he said, because they didn’t adopt a dog that day. They adopted two. Don’t miss this heartwarming story out of Best Friends Animal Society - New York City! -melissa

Two older dogs, one perfect home
Feeling lucky? Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this week's edition of our Favorite Photos — complete with a green-outfitted Mulga parrot. Cheers to the weekend! -melissa
Emma Watson and adoptable kittens from Best Friends Animal Society - Los Angeles? Count us in! Don’t miss this adorable video interview featuring the Beauty and the Beast star on BuzzFeed. -melissa

We Interviewed Emma Watson While She Played With Kittens And It Was Absolutely Adorable
Study after study over the last few years, thanks to the advent of affordable DNA testing for dogs, have confirmed what we’ve all believed for a long time: Visual identification of dog breeds is pure speculation, and incorrect most of the time.

So should shelters be removing breed labels from adoptable dogs or do adopters want to know breeds, no matter how speculative? Learn more in the...
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Removing breed labels from adoptable pets
Meet M.J., Sage and Cookie, three adorable adoptables from our No More Homeless Pets Network partners who are ready for loving families of their very own. Click through to learn more and share to help get 'em home! -melissa

Featured Pets from Network Partners
Hoss came to Best Friends Animal Society - Utah in need of a little help with one big problem — his manners. Thanks to his foster mom, Hoss has turned into one polite pup ready to find his forever home. Watch his story and SHARE to help Save Them All! -melissa
Clean plates? No problem for our Sanctuary residents. Grab a snack and get your full dose of healthy greens with our latest photo feature! -melissa

Eat your veggies: It’s National Nutrition Month
Whether you’ve experienced the magic of the Sanctuary through photos or video, know its beauty from visiting or volunteering or simply dreamed of seeing it in person one day, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a special spot for so many. And we want to know what this extraordinary place and the animals who have received a second chance here mean to you.

Share your Sanctuary story via the link...
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Share your Sanctuary story
Someone forgot to tell Leona she's a senior. Born in 2007, this week’s Featured Adoptable Pet has lots of energy and loves to go for walks. Leona also loves people and gets excited to make new human friends. She has a knack for making everyone around her smile and laugh (except for cats, with whom she would prefer not to share a home).

Think Leona would be the perfect addition to your family?...
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