While on vacation, 25-year-old Georgia Bradley was attacked by 2 men on the beach. A stray dog came to her rescue and scared the attackers away. Georgia and the dog bonded, but she had to return home. But she could never forget the dog, and 2 weeks later, she returned to Greece to find him

Stray dog saves woman on vacation from attackers. 2 weeks later, she flies 6000 miles to adopt him

This is genius! I'd love to take this road trip someday

Map Of The Most Perfect US Road Trip, According To Science.

He was fired from his job for attending his son's birth, but the community made sure to come to his rescue

Father is fired for attending son's birth. Then community starts sending him job offers

When he told the judges he was going to sing a classic, they had little faith. But, this 14-year-old blows them away!

Terrified Boy Walks Onto The Stage, Within Seconds The Entire Crowd Erupts Into Cheers

Those eyes will get you anything <3
When an armed intruder thought he could target a 74-year-old Texas granny for robbery, he learned the meaning of the phrase "You don't mess with Texas."

Intruders Enter The Home Of 74-Year-Old Grandma, She Quickly Teaches Them About Regret