Stylist and mother of three Ashley Bolling set to work on the hair of one of her customers, who happened to be a nurse. The client hadn’t slept all night and started dozing off in the salon chair. That’s when Ashley pulled out her phone and posted a photo of the nurse’s shoes online.

Nurse Falls Asleep In Salon Chair, Then Stylist Notices Her Shoes And Snaps A Secret Photo
This in-car charger, you can use it to break yourself free during car crashes
The parents started to grow concerned when the 5-year-old girl refused to attend her English classes. Then they saw the drawings...

As Soon As Her Parents Saw Her Drawings, They Call Cops. Leads To Parent’s Worst Nightmare
Architect turns old cement factory into his home, and the interior will take your breath away:

Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into His Home, And The Interior Will Take Your Breath Away
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A security guard was working his shift at the Waffle House when he noticed a man sitting at a table with a little boy. The boy was shivering and the man looked completely distraught. The security guard told his boss he needed to take a quick break, then ushered the man and boy out of the restaurant... but no one could believe what he did next.

Security Guard At Waffle House Notices Sobbing Man With Boy, Puts Them In His Car And Drives Off
Have you ever seen a dog move like this?
They pulled a 1970 Camaro and a 1957 Chevy out of the water. But what was inside the car solved a decades-old murder case that had been on the books for longer than most of the officer’s careers...

Cops Yank 20-Year-Old Cars From Bottom Of Lake. Take One Look In Back Seat, Solve Mystery
He looks so pleased with himself
Courtney Sanford died in a car crash while posting one last update on Facebook. Friends this is a huge wake-up call to never text and drive. My condolences to the Sandford family.

Woman posts to Facebook just before a tragic car accident. Her story is a wake-up call
Nearly one million people have tuned in to watch the seven-minute-long footage and it is truly disturbing...

Here’s The Viral Video From Inside A Walmart In Georgia That Everyone Is Talking About
We just found a scary new trend in the used tire market. Hear this important warning...

Car Tire Scam Is Spreading All Over And It Could Cost You Your Life. What You Need To Know
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