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It’s frustrating when you received rejections from Apple review team, what’s more, it is not clear the exact reasons why your app can’t get through. Today, we will share possible reasons behind rejections and effective strategies you may follow. First, it’s necessary to pinpoint the problem. Apple definitely will send you an e-mail with "no", but they won’t give you the exact answer in the...
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What to Do Next after Received Rejections from Apple?
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After the screenshots and description, Apple added App Previews (application preview video) at the App Store application details to further optimize user experience, which allows users to have a better understanding of the application before downloading. App previews make their app downloading and purchasing even more targeted and increase download conversion rate and help developers increase...
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How to Optimize App Previews to Improve Download Conversion Rate?
Keyword optimization has been one of the most important aspects of SEO for a long time. Its dynamics have changed over time but keywords are still important for search engines to rank your pages. This is also true for the App Store and Google Play store. If you want your apps to rank high on these stores, you need to ensure that your app keyword rankings improve. [ 985 more words ]

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What Should You Do to Improve App Keyword Ranking?
You have built an excellent app that has a large potential customer base on the App Store and you want to get the maximum downloads for it. You want to rank high in your category. And you want to get it featured on app store. That is one of the most difficult things to achieve for an app developer. Getting featured is the ultimate recognition that your app can get on the App Store. [ 1,434...
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What Are the Best Ways to Get an App Featured on App Store?
There are many apps in the market today.Many people develop apps and publish them on Google Play. Your app can be one of the best but this does not guarantee that it will have many installs. There are certain things that you are required to do in order to increase android app installs. It doesn’t matter whether you app falls in less competitive niche. [ 848 more words ]

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Top 10 Ways to Increase Android App Installs In Google Play
As an app developer, it is almost inevitable that you will have questions on how you can get the marketing done, if you were to choose an app promotion service provider, then how you can choose etc. What you need to actually understand is how you can choose a proper agency. If you choose the right agency, you will get the proper app promotion services and this will help you in having a good...
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How to Choose Good App Promotion Services?
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As an independent mobile app developer you work as your own boss. It is you who sets your own hours. You work on projects you like and when you like. If you want to become a successful independent mobile app developer, you should focus on long-term strategies of success. The following tips will help you with your success. 1. Create Apps that Interest You… [ 973 more words ]

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How to Become a Successful Independent Mobile App Developer?
With apps being downloaded over 50 billion times, the Google Play Store is the ultimate place for people to look for Android apps. With over a billion Android devices being in use on the planet, every app developer targets this platform. Over 70% of developers around the world create apps for this platform. With over a 2.4 million active apps on the Play Store, an Android app developer has to...
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5 Tips on How to Develop Successful Android Apps
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The Google Play Store is the ultimate place for Android app developers to host their apps. Android is the most widely used mobile platform in the world and it is natural that the Play Store has millions of apps in it. Adding your app to the Play Store can be easy but getting large number of downloads may not be. You will be competing with thousands of other apps in your category. [ 647 more...
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How to Optimize Mobile Apps for Google Play Store?
Google Play has more than 2.2 million apps and the numbers keep growing every day. The Android operating system is the most widely used mobile OS in the world. Whether you want to promote your business, improve your customer service, offer games, or do anything else, Android apps provide you an easier way to reach out to your target audience with your message or product. [ 653 more words ]

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How to Rank Android Apps Higher in Google Play Store?
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A mobile developer’s success in creating an amazing app is just the beginning as it opens up massive opportunities to make it big. It’s time to let people know about your unique offering sprung from your brilliant ideas and creativity! Investing time and efforts in any or all of these proven effective ways to promote iOS apps are well worth it. #PromoteiOSApp

BestReviewApp - App Promotion - App Promotion - Gain App Reviews and Ratings & Increase App Ranking
Millions of applications with massive offerings under different categories have been created to date, but a single aspect stays unchanged. Mobile developers remain to have one thing in common – the desire to get app installs and increase new users . It’s a constant challenge both paid and free-marketeers are faced with.

What Are the Best Ways to Get App Installs?
When you visit any app store, you will find two varieties of apps – free and paid. Free apps are usually ad supported and some will ask you to pay a certain amount of money in order to enjoy an ad free experience. Paid apps on other hand can only be used after buying them from the store. Not everyone can afford to buy an app. Thanks to different opportunities, people can have access to paid...
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Get Paid Apps for Free & Make Money by Reviewing Apps
If a developer wants to be successful with their creations, they will need to find a way to distinguish their work from other developers in the same or similar industry. This can only be done by marketing the developer’s apps so that android users are aware of its existence and its functionality. So, for those who are interested in how to promote Android apps online, here are 7 effective tips...
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Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Android Apps