Had a fun afternoon playing dress up with DISfunkshion Magazine ????????‍♀
Let us keep our eyes on the pure things in life. It's a battle worth fighting Psalm 119:1
Bethany Hamilton
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My pooches♥
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Making the most of island time. ???? >>> with Bethany Hamilton in the Aloha sandal ???? #everystepmatters

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‪Reminiscing on adventures in Indonesia! Love that country so much! Bethany Hamilton Unstoppable The Film #unstoppablethefilm‬
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‪Family ♥‬
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Love can grow for all eternity. ♥
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Alyssa Cleland was born in Ukraine and adopted by a family from Laguna Hills, California. She was born with a rare congenital condition, which prevented her right tibia from fully developing. At the age of four she had her right leg amputated above the knee. Alyssa first went surfing with Bethany after winning a Cobian Footwear contest in which you had to write a story about how every step you...
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‪Beachin ‬
Happy family ????
‪Pre wedding shell hunting ????‬
"He Himself gives to all people life and breath and all things."
- Acts 17:25

Take a deep breath and go conquer the week. ???? #MotivationMonday
I would be happy to be right here with lil ladies charging a fun workout! Friends of Bethany Hamilton Foundation #hawaiielitesurf #bhbodyandsoul
Grandmas art! I love it ♥
Mullet life
Is it spring yet? ✨
My grandmother and I ♥✨
Cheers to all the beautiful, loving, unselfish, positive-influencing women who are out there! Whether you're young or old, or somewhere in-between, you are loved and have amazing purposes in life✨
Fun day in the snow last week ❄