When you become a parent you get to become a kid again Blenda Montoro Photography
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Boys will be boys???? and boys give kissies Ps- No animals were harmed in this time.
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Adam is an amazing dad♥
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Adventure with bub ‍
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‪The earth's jewelry.‬
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As an athlete, the more I work at it the more I realize it's all in the mind. Yes I put a lot into the physical and there are a ton of variables in surfing but so much of it is mental. I love the challenge ~ I believe i can and I go for it! Bethany Hamilton Unstoppable The Film #UNSTOPPABLEthefilm
In this busy, on the go, in a rush, on our phones = fast paced life. Remember to stop, enjoy it and give thanks to those around us and to God! #slowyourselfdown
Happy Valentines Everyone ♥ Adam and I are grateful for God's love; a love so much greater than us!

1 John 4:19 ~ We love because he first loved us.
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Love my dad! He's incredibly supportive and really great at including others whatever the setting is. I have so much admiration for him♥‍
We can be the difference! #everystepmatters
Fun date night last night with family! Also thanks for a the HAPPY•B wishes☺
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Yeah I'll chill here
Bethany Hamilton’s Wild Idea: Surfing giant waves, having a family, giving back to others, and living life to the fullest no matter what.

Photo by Mike Coots

Bethany Hamilton is one of the most empowering surfers of all time. She's had many wild ideas, from continuing to surf despite losing her left arm, to surfing giant waves at Jaws in Maui last year, starting a non-profit to help...
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Tobias pretty much eats what I eat haha, so he is getting lots of veggies lately! When I’m eating well, I feel more confident. Eating clean really gives me energy—and not that fake boost that sugar might give you, where you crash right down after a short high. Foods should nourish your body and fuel you! #5vegetablesaday
A positive attitude is contagious.
Don't wait to catch it from others
Be the contagious one ????✨
Celery and almond butter snack attack. Tobias was loving this! One of my life goals is to teach Tobias about healthy living and show him the joy of eating healthy yummy food! As of late - one day he mops a plate of celery and almond butter but not the next day! It's a struggle but I'll keep at it... #bhbodyandsoul #5vegetablesaday