The church should be known for many thingsβ€” one of them being, a place where miracles happen.
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We're LIVE with Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, and Chris Gore! Send in your questions
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"An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign." Matthew 16:4.
Jesus said this to the religious leaders right after performing extraordinary signs and wonders to reveal the agenda behind their demand to see a sign. Miracles are not for our own entertainment or self-gratification. They are always for restoring and loving people.
It's important to recognize that there can be great pain and disappointment in praying for healing. It takes courage to remain steadfast in praying for the sick in the midst of loss and unanswered questions. If you have experienced disappointment or loss in this area, we pray that God, in His love, would bring comfort to you. We pray that you would receive new courage and boldness to carry the...
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"A sign is a reality that points to a greater reality. Every sign of a miracle points to the person of Jesus." - Bill Johnson
Healing is a mystery. We don't know all the reasons why things happen or don't happen. Our job is to show up, believe and pray in Jesus name.
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Bill unpacks the first verse of 1 Timothy 2:1-5. We are called to pray for people on their behalf, without accusation.
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Abi Stumvoll encourages us to let go of the "How?". Trust God that he will bring it to pass in His way and in His timing.
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"Can you hear it? The sound of heaven touching earth."
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Jan 18-20 for more info: [ Link ]
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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -Martin Luther King Jr.
We have the privilege of Pastor Benny Hinn ministering to our Bethel family! He will be speaking at our 6pm service held at the Redding Civic Auditorium (streamed to College View). It will be streamed on Bethel TV. Hope you can join us! Fore more details:
Celebrate today that you are a child of God, beloved by Him and invited into an adventurous life of encounter and ministry! We'd love to have you join us for Adventures with God, where we'll take the plunge into His heart together.
We were designed for an intimate friendship with our Creator--and sometimes, intimacy means asking tough questions. Tune in to season 1 of Adventures with God on Bethel.TV and find some of the answers you are looking for as filmmaker Darren Wilson shares inspiring never-before-seen footage from his acclaimed films.
Isaiah 54 | Rejoice in your barrenness! You will see breakthrough.
Missed the FB LIVE ? There are free resources and also curriculums available for you check out they cover what we talked about! Got to for resources related to today's LIVE.

Parenting questions with children's pastor Seth Dahl & Andrea Bonilla
We are so excited to share with you Bethel Music's new album by Brian and Jenn Johnson, "After All These Years." We pray that this album will remind you to cherish your history with God and build a legacy that will last.
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Facebook Live tomorrow Friday @11:00AM PST with Seth Dahl comment below questions!