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'Caterina doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn, but feisty and courageous, and wielding her grandfather’s gun, she’s drawn into a terrifying adventure that’s filled with action, romance and intrigue.'
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In our Kids' Book of the Week 'Life in a Fishbowl', Jackie's father Jared is dying, and now everyone can tune in and watch it on their own TVs...
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'Once things go belly up, it’s compelling to watch how all these flawed but likeable women respond to life-threatening circumstances. Old friendship dynamics start to re-surface and their interactions flip from humorous to emotional to rancorous.' Read the first chapter today.

First Chapter: Read The River at Night This Weekend
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Ezgi Polat
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'Winding through the ancient streets of Naples, Sorrento and the beautiful island of Capri, The Liberation is a fast-moving, action-filled story that’s perfect for a long summer beach or holiday read... ' Start reading it now.

Start reading The Liberation by Kate Furnivall – Better Reading
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'As a debut novelist this year with The Road to Winter, I know well the trepidation first time authors feel when their baby is released into the clutches of the reading public...Every published writer is a debut writer sometime and here are my top recent debuts. They’re mostly Australian – and mostly fiction.' – Mark Smith.
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Remember the book and movie Deliverance? Imagine a version involving four women... 'The River at Night is a love note to Deliverance, absolutely,' the author tells us in this fascinating interview.

Author Q&A: Erica Ferencik on The River at Night
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Every so often a YA book comes along and really stands out – maybe because of its characters, its unique concept, a great sense of humour, some especially good writing, or a gripping plot. Well, Life in a Fishbowl by Len Vlahos Author has all that and more...

Kids' Book of the Week: Life in a Fishbowl – Better Reading
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Four women, a terrifying whitewater rafting adventure and a desperate struggle for survival in the Maine wilderness, The River at Night is a thrilling read, as wild and twisting as the river it’s set on.

Weekend Read: The River at Night by Erica Ferencik – Better Reading
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Love reading but don't have time? Have you tried short stories?

Short on Time? These Collections of Short Stories May Be For You
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Feel like a good laugh? Ahead of the release of her own comic memoir next month, Buddhism for Break-ups, comedian and radio presenter Meshel Laurie reveals her top five comic memoirs.

Comedian Meshel Laurie’s Top Five Comedy Memoirs
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Rachael Finch is visiting us to chat about her new book Happy Healthy Strong!
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Yes we are!
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A heady blend of historical fiction, crime and romance, The Liberation is a page-turning read that’ll transport you to the post-war streets of 1940s Italy.

Book of the Week: The Liberation by Kate Furnivall – Better Reading
In an interview seven days before leaving office, Barack Obama talked about the role books and reading have played during his presidency and throughout his life.

President Obama on What Books and Reading Mean to Him.
What's at the top of the chart this week? Check out all the bestseller lists here, including fiction, non-fiction and children's.

The Weekly Top 10 Fiction Bestseller List – Better Reading