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'She’s taken the Australian crime fiction world by storm in recent years and the latest, highly anticipated thriller from Candice Fox does not disappoint.' Start reading it now!

First Chapter: Crimson Lake By Candice Fox
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'Inspiration came to me when I was waiting to be served in a very chic cake shop and couldn’t take my eyes off a glossy chocolate Sachertorte (invented by an Austrian apprentice pastry chef, Franz Sacher, in 1832)...' Author Lesley Truffle reveals the inspiration behind her wonderful new treat of a novel.

The Scandalous Life of Sasha Torte by Lesley Truffle
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'With an intricately woven, thrilling but believable plot, combined with complex, likeable characters and a vividly drawn location at Australia’s top end, Crimson Lake will delight Fox fans and new readers...'

Nail-biting Australia Crime Fiction: Crimson Lake by Candice Fox
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It's Friday! What books are you reading this weekend?
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'For those of you who have read Goldie’s novel The Paperbark Shoe, you will know that nobody but Goldbloom could have written a tale both so strange and so true as Gwen...' Try the first chapter today.

First Chapter: Gwen by Goldie Goldbloom
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'Masterly plotting, grisly murders and chilling suspense: Stefan Ahnhem keeps the threads of this complex, two-country narrative pulled tensely across more than 500 pages. A crime wave that will satisfy even the most exacting of Scandi-noir devotees.'

The Ninth Grave by Stefan Ahnhem: another chilling Scandi-noir
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A reminder that our next Book Club is next month – Wednesday 29 March at 8pm (AEST). Tune in for the lively debate featuring the fabulous Candice Fox and her latest nail-biting novel, THE CRIMSON LAKE.
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'Fox has received a lot of attention and we’re pleased to report – you CAN believe the hype surrounding this talented young Australian author.'

Book of the Week: Crimson Lake by Candice Fox
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Behind her Eyes is a one-of-a-kind thriller, well written, edgy and unpredictable. #WTFthatending

The Latest Spellbinding Psychological Thriller: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough
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'Sasha’s extremely fond of champagne and she likes nothing better than a few chocolat bouchons washed down with champagne. I hold Sasha personally responsible for the indiscreet quantity of champagne I imbibed as I wrote her tale... ' Don't miss our delightful interview with the wonderful Lesley Truffle!

Author Q&A: Lesley Truffle on The Scandalous Life of Sasha Torte by Lesley Truffle
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Have you got a great book to read today? #WTFthatending
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It’s well-known that many authors prefer to distance themselves from their art – but do readers let them get away with it? Pen names, solitude, social withdrawal, and media avoidance are just some of their strategies... . Better Reading brings you a list of the most elusive, mysterious writers.

Who Are They? The most reclusive and mysterious authors – Better Reading
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'Muir’s time as a screenwriter for the Underbelly franchise has paid dividends. The writing in Something for Nothing is lively, the pace cracking, and the cast of grimy small-town shysters utterly believable. This very Aussie crime is served up with a healthy dose of Strine and a seemingly endless stream of cold beers... Muir is definitely one to watch.'

Start Reading Something for Nothing by Andy Muir This Weekend
Or is it?
‘This year’s must-read thriller’ – The Evening Standard; ‘Set to be one of the most talked-about books of 2017’ – Good Housekeeping Magazine. See for yourself what all the fuss is about... Get comfy and start reading our book of the week, Behind Her Eyes.

First Chapter: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough