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yesterday at 14:23. Facebook
Have you been able to make them BURST? Post videos of your first BURST finish with hashtag #makethemburst
01/14/2017 at 16:23. Facebook
When the weekend comes and you're only dreaming of #beyblade!
01/14/2017 at 15:02. Facebook
Hey Bladers, have you checked out our official YouTube channel yet? Catch up with BEYBLADE BURST episode 1 and 2! #beybladeburst
[ Youtube.com Link ]


01/13/2017 at 16:40. Facebook
When someone tells you its #friday13th… look out for black cats, ladders and mirrors today Bladers!
01/12/2017 at 19:08. Facebook
Hey Bladers, we are going to make your day with this breaking news! We now have episodes available on our official youtube page [ Youtube.com Link ] so tune in NOW to catch up on your favorite series.

Episode 1: Let’s Go! Valtryek!

Passionate Blader Valt faces a familiar face in his first match of the District Tournament. Catch new episodes of BEYBLADE BURST Saturdays at 8:30a.m. or any...

01/12/2017 at 16:04. Facebook
This week's #tbt challenge Blader is the poster Blader for their team! Name their Bey, special attack, and color of their gloves for extra points!
01/10/2017 at 16:26. Facebook
Did you get last week's #tbt challenge? It was a hard one! This week's Blader is one with a heart of gold - Crusher from the B.E.G.A Bladers, his Beyblade is Gigars, and his special attack is DEMOLITION AX!
01/08/2017. Facebook
Channel your inner spirit and an Avatar might appear! Gooooo Valtryek! #beybladeburst
01/06/2017. Facebook
When you can't wait to stuff your face after a long day of Beyblade #food #happy
01/05/2017. Facebook
For this week's #tbt challenge, name this Blader, their Beyblade, and special attack!!
01/03/2017. Facebook
As we start the New Year, let's give a #shoutout to our friends and family who support us (and our bellies) in our quest to become the best Bladers in the world! Tag someone who you are #grateful for!
01/02/2017. Facebook
The answer to the last #tbt challenge of the year is Brooklyn! His Beyblade is Zeus and he's on team B.E.G.A Bladers! "Like" if you got it!
01/01/2017. Facebook
New Year, new launch techniques! Let's work hard to become the best #bladers in the world!
12/31/2016. Facebook
3,2,1, Happy New Year from the #beybladeburst family!
12/29/2016. Facebook
Bladers, let's see if you can get the last #tbt challenge of the year! Name this character, their Beyblade, and team!
12/27/2016. Facebook
DAISUKI.net is giving away EXCLUSIVE BEYBLADE T-SHIRTS to 50 lucky Premium Members!
Watch the series on DAISUKI.net and apply now!
For more information, check out
[ Daisuki.net Link ]
12/25/2016. Facebook
Happy holidays to all the #bladers out there, let's curl up by the fire while we watch the #beybladeburstmarathon on DXD 9:00AM &4:30PM!
Follow us on Twitter @beyblade_burst and Instagram @officialbeyblade!"
12/24/2016. Facebook
Let's celebrate the holidays with our #family and #friends, and challenge each other to #beybladeburst battles!
12/22/2016. Facebook
Hey Bladers, this week’s #tbt challenge is a Blader who comes from a family of professional athletes. Let’s see if you can name him, his Beyblade and which sports each of his 3 siblings played!
12/20/2016. Facebook
Last week's #tbt challenge Blader is Raul! His twin is Julia and his Beyblade is Torch Pegasus. Who go it??