Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2017!
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Look fresh and stay warm at the gym this winter season with our new fitted Beyond Yourself lightweight hoodie! This performance fitted hoodie is sure to hug those muscles tighter than a baby panda so you look beast all day long!

Get your hoodie here - [ Beyondyourself.ca Link ]

Look at pandas on a slide here - [ Youtube.com Link ]

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"Buddy the Elf, what's your favourite protein?" "We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and Maple syrup" #Christmas #elf #malesyrup #foodgroups #holidays #fitfam #protein #multi #bcaa #betterbodies #newyearsresolution #snacktime #newyear #gym #pancakes #2016 #2017 #supplements #popeyes #presents #shredded #motivation #ripped
@jenniferweintz Breakfast suggestions:

Chia Seeds
Coconut Water
Macadamia Nuts
Bee Pollen
Vanilla Extract

And something else....what was it?! Hmmmmm....

Oooooh that's right @beyondyourself_ Chocolate Isolate!!!
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Exciting announcement 1 of 2! @beyondyourself_ would like to welcome incredible bodybuilder @sdidoshak to team! Stephen signed as an Athlete this morning and we could not be more pumped to watch him prep for the year into Nationals next year! Welcome to Beyond Yourself! #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #athlete #aesthetic #mass #monster #beyondyourself #gobeyond
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What time is it?

Its demo time today I will be at @hyperforme in Gatineau for a @beyondyourself_ demo. .
You will have an opportunity to taste Isolate Protein, AMRAP BCAAs and Preset (Preworkout).
And exciting news.... there will be a 20% off on all Beyond Yourself. AND every client will receive a scoop of Preset . 0k have a nice day guys &...
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@_vanessarachel helping burn off those turkey ???? gains with a killer combo of Keto-Ice and Amrap!

Did you know?

Beyond Yourself Tru-Match ALL flavours? That's right! Amrap, PreSet, Insul X and Keto Ice all have the same flavour profiles and taste the exact same...why? So you can mix and match any of the products to customize your supplement needs!! #goingbeyond #gobeyond #beyondyourself...
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Check out this awesome review about our products from one of our customers. Sooooo you may need an engineering degree to open our tubs, but the reward after is totally worth it!


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An email we received from one of the employees at BodyBuilding.com you know your protein flavours are on point when it's spoon fed!
That's a wrap! A very successful trip to Bodybuilding.com thank you for being amazing hosts! Be sure to check out the line NOW AVAILABLE on
The Beyond Yourself team down in Boise, Idaho to launch the brand onto

Beyond Yourself now available in the US!
Your favourite Isolate is now available in 2lbs!!!! All 6 amazing flavours available in a more compact tub!
Excuses don't bring results! #BeyondYourself #TeamBeyond

Tired of your regular old Tribulus Terrestris? It's time unleash your Alpha with Beyond Yourself's T-Alpha! Our unique nutraceutical Formula is already being hailed as the next generation of testosterone enhancing supplements. T-Alpha will take your testosterone levels to their natural limit fuelling your anabolic potential for...
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@beyondyourself_ INSUL-X isn't your run of the mill complex carb formula, INSUL-X is a solid and unique formula, back by proven ingredients designed to help increase protein synthesis, save you gains and increase natural energy and performance levels. To deliver proven results, we've sourced clinically proven, patent protected, and quality...
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Beyond Yourself EPA|DHA is a GMO Free, pharmaceutical grade product derived from non-threatened species of wild-caught anchovy, sardine and mackrel. There is strong scientific evidence from human trials that omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil supplements (EPA + DHA) play an important role in maintaining overall good health and fitness levels. With many other benefits such as: -Improves brain...
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Head over to IG and wish Good luck to our sponsored athlete @robssssss today as she competes at the CBBF 2016 Canadian Nationals. Everyone at Beyond Yourself is cheering you on. Make us proud Mini Hulk #nationals #athlete #CBBF2016 #beyondyourself #sponsored #winner #champion #teambeyondyourself #gym #fitness #fitfam #vancouver
Busy life, city life, any type of life, the number one factor is to take care of your body! That's why we created a Pharmaceutical grade highly concentrated multivitamin supplement to support good health for an active lifestyle.

Beyond Yourself’s Complete MultiAthlete has been carefully developed to contain the right proportions of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements without danger of...
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Congratulations to our athletes Ken and Nikki for their placings at the CBBF Nationals in Winnipeg! We are so unbelievably proud of our awesome team!
@kenfrenc @nikkikorek
HUGE congratulations to Team Beyond Yourself Athlete, Yulia Berezina, on her win this weekend at CBBF nationals in Winnipeg! Way to represent, Miss Canada 2016 and Canada's newest IFBB pro! #hardwork #TeamBeyondYourself #IFBBPRO @yuliaberezina