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The hatred for BJP in media is so amazing that they were cheering for Shiv Sena in Mumbai.

Mediaโ€™s initial euphoria about Shiv Sena winning at expense of the BJP gets cut short
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Every parent, every uncle, every aunty, actually everyone must read this. Our children may need us and we may not even know about it

Bangalore child molestation shocker: Media apathy even as number of victims increase
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J&K government tells people what should they gift, how much should they cook and what sweets should they eat for weddings and engagements. Sigh!

Under the pressure of religious and social groups, Jammu and Kashmir government imposes restrictions on weddings
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While you may laugh at jokes on Kabristans and Shamshans, the data of religious discrimination in UP will shock you

Kabristan vs Smashans: The truth of religious discrimination under Akhilesh government
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Congrats buddy :)
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Mondays can be mundane and monotonous. In an attempt to add some mazaa in the day, we bring to you an article by Men of Comics who have decided to revive interest in old Indian comics and glorify heroes of our childhood. This time they are focussing on Super Commando Dhruv, the 'Dravid' of Indian Superheroes.

If you are already a fan of Dhruv, read this article and meet an old friend.

View details โ‡จ

Introducing: Super Commando Dhruv ! - Men of Comics
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Letter of a committee set up to investigate the matter had already indicted the UP Govt in 2016 itself

The PM was right: Uttar Pradesh did see religious discrimination for supply of electricity
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Adventures of the Gummi bears is back.
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Good that Rahul Kanwal didn't choose to ride party symbols during Delhi election. Else he would have to become Harry Potter.
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We need similar initiatives in India too
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17 equations that changed the world
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Samim Ansari from Teliyarganj district of Allahabad is a student in Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology. His college fee has been exempted by the HRD Ministry. However, due to major financial crisis he is not being able to pay his hostel fee amounting to Rs.15,000 and the book and other expenses amounting to Rs.10,000.

Here is a campaign for him. See if you can help the kid. [ Link ]

Help us support Samim Ansari's education. by Vedank Singh
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This is intense trolling
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And into the forest I go,
To lose my mind and
Find my soul...
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In an head-on encounter with LeT, Chetan Cheeta 45 Bn CRPF was hit with multiple gun shots. The brave "Cheeta" kept roaring even after getting 16 bullet shots. Pray for his quick recovery.