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Does this statsitc resonate with you? Is it higher or lower than you'd expect? Find out what else we discovered in our Bible reading habit survey here - [ Link ]
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Who knew?! See what else we discovered about your Bible reading habits here: [ Link ]
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In the autumn we asked you to complete our survey on Bible reading habits. Interestingly the second most popular option was 'I don't have a least favourite book of the Bible.'

Here's the full results -[ Link ]
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The results are in! Thank you to everyone who took part in our survey. Find out what else we discovered here - [ Link ]
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Political and economic instability are devastating the hopes of young people in Congo Brazzaville. Through the Bible we’re inspiring confidence and skills for the future.
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Inspired by a series of hate crimes against Poles in the wake of the EU referendum, Go Home retells the Bible story of Elisha in today's context.

Harry Lighton wins Bible based film competition
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'Busy-ness, hurry, noise and rush are some of the key enemies of our life with God.' Today's podcast: The Practice of Meditation.

Day 17: The Practice of Meditation
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Church leaders: Want you and your church to live a deeper richer life with God? Want to explore spiritual formation and discipleship? And how to put discipleship before attendance, buildings and cash? We’ve got a few spots left on our leadership course: Leading from the inside out. Check it out.

Leading from the Inside Out
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Looking for a daily reflection? Check out our app for your daily BIble on the go. [ Link ]
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Closed streets are opening up and some of those who fled Aleppo are beginning to return.

Good news from Syria
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To kill a mock exam - taking English Literature at A-level? Check out Cross-ref it, our handy online resource designed to give a cultural commentary and help you understand the role of the Bible in all your set texts.
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Bag yourself a bargain in our January sale. Up to 50% off selected products!

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Dreaming of sun? If you're booking a holiday online please go via Give as You lIve where you'll raise free donations for us! [ Link ]
In December, we asked you to pray for Gaith, our team member in Aleppo, who has been faithfully serving the people of Syria despite constant danger. We're happy to say Gaith has been in touch with good news.

Good news from Syria
For lots of people it’s difficult to know where to start when reading the Bible.

The Bible Course was developed to make the Bible as accessible as possible. It provides answers to many common questions, and equips people with the tools and skills they need to read the Bible for themselves.

The Bible Course
Did you know we have a free app? Each day we publish a daily reflection to help you discover a deeper life with God. [ Link ]

Our App
We're looking for an Executive Assistant! If you are inspired by our mission and have outstanding administration skills, this role could be for you.

Executive Assistant
We've got a limited number of colouring calendars left. Illustrated by Emma Skerratt, each month is a beautifully designed Bible verse. Grab your felt tips and get one before they're gone.

Colouring Calendar
Looking for something new for 2017? Join our gatherings - bursting full of conversation, discussion, support and spiritual formation to inspire you and your church.

Leading from the Inside Out
Have you ever read the Bible in a year? What advice would you give to those attempting to do it in 2017? Tell us in the comments below.

9 top tips for reading the Bible in a year