Bibles for China
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We enjoyed lunch in the home of the leader of a local church that we could see from his home. We love being in the homes as members of the family where our partners provide funds for Bibles. Visit
Bibles for China
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It is Sunday Morning in China. The Church rejoices and embraces the promises of the Bible. Thank you for praying and partnering with us at
Boxes of Bibles for churches in China. has a wonderful relationship with the leaders in China who are publishing Bibles for believers in China.
It is Sunday in China. We rejoice with the believers who meet to celebrate and worship together as they meet in their churches.
Knowing the Bible can be given legally and free to believers in rural China is encouragement to our partners who pray and share in our passion. is making a difference.
It is Sunday morning in China. What a joy for partners to be able to share a Bible with believers in the churches where we are invited.
Bibles for China is blessed to provide leadership Bibles for rural pastors in China. They are happy to receive the extra help to disciple their members who have just received God's Word. We depend on partner support for funds to provide Bibles as well as leadership Bibles.
It's Sunday morning in China and the believers rejoice to have a copy of a Bible provided by one of our faithful partners. Visit and join our family of partners in support and prayer. Today is the first Sunday of 2017 for the citizens of China.
Nothing compares to the millions of Chinese who travel during the Chinese New Year celebration. Bibles for China encourages everyone to be in prayer for the believers who show respect to their family during this celebration. Many are joining us in prayer and support to purchase Bibles that are printed in China for believers in the churches where they attend.
The harmony and respect shown by family members during the Chinese New Year is a tradition that comes at great sacrifice. The transportation to be at home is overwhelming. is praying for the safety of the millions who will travel to be together with family.
It's Sunday morning and sees the joy of believers who meet following the Chinese New Year to worship together in their churches.
The expression on her face and our joy of being with her in China was a blessing for all of us. The harmony and love shown is something that makes an eternal difference for those who receive a Bible. Thank you to all who pray for the believers in China.
It is Sunday morning in China! The Chinese New Year is in two weeks. Rural believers gather at churches where free Bibles have been provided They are grateful for those who pray and provide funds so they can receive them. Our partners are blessed and make a difference.
Celebrating the coming of the Chinese New Year is a great time to be with family and fellow believers. Our partners who have prayed and shared have made a difference. Thank you.
It is Sunday morning in China. As the 2017 Chinese New Year approaches it is a blessing to know many have shared the joy of giving a Bible.
Christian believers walk to churches where free Bibles are provided from funds that partners share from around the world. A Bible given in China is read and shared with family members who are hungry to know the truth.
We are happy when those who have been praying for a Bible receive one. Many pray and provide funds that make a difference. Thank you.
It is official! We are blessed to have 400,000 of you sharing in our ministry and following what God is doing in rural China!

We are thankful for each and every one of you and appreciate your support! God bless you all and, for those of you whom it applies, have a Happy New Year's!
It's been a great 2016. Thank you for your prayers. Trusting the Lord for 2017.

Those who receive a Bible always leave with the joy of the Lord on their faces. Our friends and partners prayers and support make an eternal difference for China's Christians.