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Be part of an amazing weekend filled with music, family fun, entertainment, activities, events and exciting experiences at NickFest 2017. Colour in the drawing and submit it in the comments below to enter to WIN tickets to this event. Download here: #BICKids T’s & C’s apply.
Bic South Africa
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WIN 1 of 10 family set tickets to the most fun-filled event this year – NickFest (Johannesburg). Colour in the drawing and submit it in the comments below to enter. Download here: #BICKids T’s & C’s apply.
Pick your BIC®. Which BIC® ballpoint pen do you prefer most?
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Colour with ease with the BIC® Kids Turn & Colour. Colouring wax crayons with a twist system to keep hands clean!
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When you’re on the first page of a new book and you try to write as neatly as possible. Who can relate?
A colouring essential – the BIC® Kids Classic Wax Crayons. Ideal for kids as the crayon is protected with a paper wrap.
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