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How you feel after your ride can say a lot about what’s going on while you’re pedalling.

What Your Post-Ride Pains Mean - Bicycling

This is gonna hurt, but it’ll be worth it!

4 Workouts For Cyclists Who Hate Intervals - Bicycling

Bernard Esterhuizen and Anriëtte Schoeman win fast-paced Medihelp Stellenbosch Cycle Tour
[ Bicycling.co.za Link ]

Esterhuizen and Schoeman Secure 2016 Medihelp Stellenbosch Cycle Tour Victory - Bicycling

Not logging enough time on the bike? Here's how to change that.

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Aching feet is the worst! Here's how to treat your pedal pushers right to prevent pain and numbness.

5 Easy Ways to Soothe Your Aching Feet

Do you commit any of these bike maintenance crimes?

#4: Put it away dirty.

7 Things You Should Never, Ever Do to Your Bike - Bicycling

Curious to know what happens to your body when you climb hills on the bike?

This Is Your Body On A Climb - Bicycling

If you really pay attention to your body during a ride you might hear it say these four things.

4 Things Your Body Is Trying To Tell You! - Bicycling

When you finish a hard ride and really drain the tank dry, your body is primed to turn everything you eat into recovery fuel. Here’s how to clean out the buffet responsibly.

How to Pig Out Responsibly After a Hard Ride - Bicycling

New to cycling? Beware of these common pitfalls!

Beginner Mistakes You Will Want To Avoid - Bicycling

Here's our list of nine completely defensible reasons to (responsibly) enjoy your post-ride beer.

Nine Healthy Reasons to Drink Beer - Bicycling

Pushed for time? We know a few quick workouts that deliver big results. [ Bit.ly Link ]

Quick Workouts, Big Results - Bicycling

The weekend is here and the weather looks amazing. Where do you plan on riding tomorrow and Sunday?
Do you believe in your story of bravery on the bike? Well then, share it with us and you could WIN!

Share Your #ConquerAsOne Moment & You Could WIN A 2018 Absa Cape Epic Entry!

Turns out that a post-ride rubdown is even healthier than experts thought.

The Real Reason You Need a Massage - Bicycling

The Bicycling team were part of the first group of riders to test out the new Kirstenbosch MTB trail linking Newlands and Constantia Nek via a 7.7km brand new route. Some big climbs and gnarly sections make this a tough ride, but the views on top are well worth the sweat it takes to get there. Remember to take your level 3 Sanparks permits!
These exercises will hurt but it's guaranteed to boost your performance on the bike! Go ahead and try it.

6 Strength Exercises For Explosive Power - Bicycling

Don't let muscle cramps cramp your style!

How To Get Rid Of A Cramp, Fast - Bicycling

The nutrition experts have spoken: these are the healthy meals and snacks you should fuel your day with.

Happy Thursday cyclists!

The Best Foods for Cyclists - Bicycling

Of all your pains in the neck, cycling shouldn’t be one! Here’s how to keep your body comfortable when you ride.

4 Easy Fixes For Neck Pain