The countdown continues! Tell us how excited you are for #BBNaija2017!
We’re already 16 days into the new year and with all the eating from the festivities, I am sure we all made that all obvious resolution to burn off the extra pounds. So, so far, how is the going? I…

12 simple but effective tips to help you lose weight
Big Brother Africa Fans
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Reality star, Thandi 'Blue' Mbombo recently treated herself to a Spa day with some of her girlfriends. And she lit up everyone's stream...

Woo! Blue Mbombo causes a fire in this revealing cozzie -Photos
Big Brother Africa Fans
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Big Brother Africa Fans
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6 DAYS TO GO! Make sure you DO THE RIGHT THING | LIKE US NOW.....[ Link ]
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Big Brother Africa Fans
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Ten years after being a part of “Big Brother Nigeria” as a housemate, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu will make a return on the show as a host. The anticipated reality TV show which is to kick-off on…

BBNaija: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu returns on the show as a host!
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10 DAYS TO GO! Where will be that day?
Mzansi’s biggest talent show -‘Idols South Africa’ brings auditions for season 13 to a city near you. And guess what? CAPE TOWN! You’ve got Idols ...

R&B crooner 'Donald InDenial' to feature as Idols guest judge for 2017 -CAPE TOWN! will you get his "YES"? - Clubness
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Who is Michelle Dede? Michelle Dede is a Nigerian freelance television presenter and actress. She co-produced the film titled -Flower Girl(2013) and also starred in the television series -Desperate…

Meet Michelle Dede, former host of 2006 Big Brother Nigeria
As Big Brother Naija approaches, we are taking a look into the lives of past Big Brother Nigeria housemates. Do you all remember Frank Konwea? Known for his ‘loud-mouthed-ness’ in the h…

Take a look to the lives of past BBNigeria housemates: Do you all remember Frank Konwea?
Big Brother Mzansi star, Thandi 'Blue' Mbombo is said to be worried of her safety over a stalker neighbour! The star, has been lef...

Blue Mbombo 'worried' for her safety!
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