Russell McCammon off to a good start this roar with a nice public land red skin. Thanks for sharing mate, safe hunting!
Me good mate Red getting the job done on his first public land red stag.. apologies for the colourful language..
Big country, Big stags and Big steaks..
People die every year because they walk around with a loaded firearm. Slip on a rock, trip on a wet track or your trigger rubs a scrub branch and she's all over for you or your mate..

Remember - "Only load when ready to fire" no deer is worth killing a mate or yourself over..

Happy and safe hunting this roar!
Kris from Montana with a free range Wairarapa red from last week. Cheers Kris great to see an American hunter that doesn't want to hunt inside a pen, Well done mate.
Free range meat.... another good couple of days in the mountains.
Checking your firing zone is one rule that seems to be broken a lot in this country. YouTube is full of videos of hunters shooting animals on skylines and ridge tops.

Remember those high calibre pulls can travel for miles (literally) and will kill a person should they hit them. If you can not see a safe back drop behind your target like a bank or hill side donโ€™t pull that trigger..

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Counting down the days.... hopefully this 10 has added a few more points on top this year.
16 point public land red from the 2016 roar... fingers crossed well catch up with him in a week or two and he's a bit bigger..
March two years ago chasing roaring stags.. not long now!
Every year and every ROAR in NZ a hunter shoots another hunter because they fail to Identify there target beyond all doubt.. This can happen to anyone experienced or not it doesn't matter. The hard line truth is the only way to stop this is to 100% Identify your "target beyond all doubt"..

How do you do this? The method Ive come up with to hopefully prevent myself from making this deadly...
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10 point public land Sika caught out on a recent #bghexpedition and the trusty 270wsm got the job done..
The hard antler season is cranking.. Ryan Amlehn and Adam Ross caught up with this Southern Alp, public land monster over the weekend.. all 22 points of him! Well done lads.
The ROAR is only weeks away and many of us will be hunting in pairs or with mates.. ALWAYS remember to point your rifle is a safe direction.

For more information on how to stay safe this roar, head to Mountain Safety Council / Hunting and download their FREE hunting safety guide. #MakeItHomeNZ
Snapped at 30 yards, lucky for him we had stags on the mind..
630am... 5hrs sleep waiting for the machine pick up and we're still smiling.. Huge few days hunting public land stags. #bghexpedition
Big character public land red Justin shot over the weekend deep in the Canterbury high country.. Another epic #bghexpedition done and dusted..
Big Ben reflecting on his cracker 8 point Jap from our public land sika hunt last week.. Certainly a trip well remember for many years to come..
Big country missions.. hard to beat