Big character public land red Justin shot over the weekend deep in the Canterbury high country.. Another epic #bghexpedition done and dusted..
Big Ben reflecting on his cracker 8 point Jap from our public land sika hunt last week.. Certainly a trip well remember for many years to come..
Big country missions.. hard to beat
Sometimes you get lucky..
Bit of sprint training for the young lad..
She's a tough life when you have to dig holes for a feed.. moments like this I'd wish I'd had the bow on my back not the shooter..
The morning after a huge day on the hill..
Dinner in the mountains...
Young stag vs old stag big difference in size, shape and look..
Spot the red skin..
Closing the gap on a mob of bulls with the bow... 100 odd yards out and closing.. #bghguidedhunt
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Summer Meat Hunts – Big Game Hunting
She was a BIG but very rewarding evening on the hill last night..
Dinner sorted deep on the coast...
Prime candidate for the festive BBQs..
Old mate sending the invite for few more ladies to his party...
Anyone got any info on this big red?
Counting down the days until these fellas all go a bit crazy..