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With how much our service members give to this country, it is always incredible to see them honored for their hard work and dedication. At a recent NHL for the Dallas Stars, they honored a wounded veteran, but in order to do, they put on a bit of a show. On Veterans Appreciation Night, they...

Hockey Team Honors Wounded Veteran, But Navy SEAL And Service Dog Crash Event From The Ceiling
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Whether the kids or the dog came first, you always hope and pray that they get along. That there’s no allergies, no arguments, or no jealousy—because as different as they may be, they’re both still your babies. So, when this mom had her beautiful little girl Sierra, I’m sure that she wondered how he...

Little Girl Will Not Leave For School Until She Gets Kisses From Her Fluffy Dog
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Pandas are truly some of the most entertaining creatures to watch. They have very entertaining personalities that range from playful to lazy. Some pandas just want to play, while others would prefer to take naps. One female panda was in for a bit of a surprise when she tried to get comfortable for a...

Giant Panda Climbs To Top Of Tiny Branch, Then Freaks Out When She Falls Over
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Is it possible to not love penguins? I find it very hard to believe that someone can’t be charmed by their waddling little bodies. At the Maryland Zoo, back in October through November, seven endangered South African chicks hatched. The little ones all got fun space names: Hydra, Apollo, Luna, Hubbl...

7 Tiny Endangered Penguins Line Up By Water, Then Bravely Dive In For Their First Swim
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If you are a parent, then you already are well aware of the fact that you are never alone. No matter how old your child is, from newborn to full-grown adult, they always manage to find you when you’re just trying to have a moment to yourself. Animal parents experience this too. Have you ever...

Mom Lays Out Yoga Mat, But Seconds Into Her Routine She’s Interrupted By A Baby And A Dog
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Anyone who has a cat knows that they are clever and sneaky little creatures. They’re curious animals and always interested in whatever their humans are doing — or eating. Pets always seem interested in the human food their people are eating, but they don’t realize that some of those foods could be b...

10 Healthiest ‘People Foods’ You Should Be Feeding Your Cat
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Whether or not you have a housewarming party to attend and are in need of a gift idea, you are guaranteed to love these customized burned wooden spoons that you can make at home. Artist and craft expert Kristin St. Clair breaks down how to make this personalized craft. While the end product may look...

Learn How To Make The Perfect Gift: DIY Personalized Wooden Spoons
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Why anyone would ever abuse a dog is beyond me. I adopted a sweet puppy from a shelter last summer, and even when she does something bad (like pee all over the couch), I can barely bring myself to raise my voice at her. I understand that we were all raised differently, and for some...

Sweet 3-Year-Old Dog Is Abused By Owners, Then An Angel Transforms Him Into A Security Agent
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There should be a support group for parents struggling with potty-training their little humans. I imagine it would be called Potty Training Anonymous and would consist of frazzled mothers, strung out on caffeine, sitting in a circle drinking boxed wine while sharing war stories about their toddlers’...

What All Those Parenting Books Aren’t Telling You About Potty Training
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If you can hold back tears watching this video, you are made of stronger stuff than us! Rescue organization TracysDogs swept in and saved dozens of sweet pooches in the nick of time, scouring shelters in Texas for dogs scheduled to be put down. These adorable dogs have been waiting their whole lives...

Tons Of Sad Dogs Are Scheduled To Be Euthanized, Then A Group Of Angels Changes Everything
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As you get older, your skin starts to change. One thing many people notice is that as they have more stress added to their lives and start to get less sleep, it shows on their faces. Our eyes show our age and stress levels more than anything other part of our face — the skin around...

9 Household Items You Can Use To Get Rid Of Dark, Under-Eye Circles
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There’s nothing worse than coming down with a miserable cold or case of the flu in the dead of winter. Fortunately, we have an awesome cold-fighting cake recipe that just might help your immune system knock back those miserable symptoms! Our recipe employs a lot of the same ingredients that come up…

Learn How To Make A Cold-Fighting Cake That Can Help Beat Your Worst Symptoms
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Many women see their due date come and go without any sign that they will be holding their little bundle of joy anytime soon. As the final weeks of your pregnancy are putting a strain on your body and you’re growing more impatient, there are ways to induce labor in the comfort of your own...

5 Ways To Induce Labor Naturally At Home
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I’m a firm believer that there’s humor in just about everything. With obvious exceptions like death and illness and a few others, of course. So when my oldest daughter, just north of nineteen, found out she needed another wisdom tooth pulled, I couldn’t help but see the yin and the yang in that situ...

Helping My Daughter Recover From Wisdom Tooth Removal Turned Into An Unexpected Gift
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It comes as no surprise that everything Disney — the movies, the characters, the toys, the cartoons, the stories — are favorites among kids and adults of all ages. When it comes to the famous Disney princesses, little girls might be the biggest fans of all. So with the recent release of the live-act...

Mom Tells Daughter They’re Going To See ‘Beauty And The Beast,’ Captures Her Freak Out On Film
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As many new parents know, leaving the house to go to work or run errands can be rough on them and their little ones. When this 3-month-old baby’s mom stepped out to check some things off her to-do list for the day, he was absolutely distraught. The sweet baby boy kept screaming and crying, hoping...

Dad Sees Baby Won’t Stop Crying When Mom Leaves To Run Errands, Then Gently Holds Up Her Shirt
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Charlie Wakefield is a soccer (or rather, football) player for the Chelsea Academy Football Club. He’s also only 18 years old and is already a budding star. In the video below, all the fame and fortune is put to the side for a moment. What matters here is the love between a son and a...

Dad Watches White Car Roll To A Stop In Front Of Him, Then Freezes When Door Starts To Open
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Dear Stay-at-Home Mom: I know if you are reading this you are probably at your wits end. If you are lucky, you are tearing out your towel-dried hair while scouring the internet to read something from someone, anyone who feels like you. (And, if it has been “one of those days,” you are probably rippi...

Dear Stay-At-Home Mom: I Know Exactly How You Feel
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If you like puppies, then you’re going to love National Puppy Day! It falls every year in March as a beautiful reminder of the wonderful creatures that we all hold so dear: puppies. If you own a dog, you already know that they’re among the world’s most loving and faithful creatures. They’re loyal, t...

Tiny Puppy Trips Up The Stairs, But Watch When His Brothers Follow
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The Special Olympics gives those with mental and physical disabilities an opportunity to develop physical fitness, have fun, and come together as a supportive community. The event is a great way for the over 200 million people with intellectual disabilities around the world to share in something pos...

Internet Troll Makes Fun Of Special Olympics, So Arnold Schwarzenegger Teaches Him A Lesson