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There’s a 50% chance the language you speak is rooted in this ancient tongue.

Half of All Languages Come from One Root Language. How it Spread Is Something of Debate
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Do you scroll through your feed as a “mental palate cleanser” – or is it outright distraction?

Is Social Media Killing Your Productivity?
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A great story should be an invitation to think, not a substitute for thinking. — Derek Thompson

Confirmation Bias is a Dangerous Trend in Social Media
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They found that people who use more profanity were generally more honest in Facebook status updates.

Do We Find People Who Swear More Honest? Yes, Says New Study
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Bill Nye The Science Guy responds to a big question.

Are the Mind and the Brain the Same Thing?
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Steven Kotler shows us how to slow down to work harder and smarter in a busy world.

Want To Get More Work Done? Learn To Slow Your Brain Down.
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You'll get nowhere if you treat every bit of feedback as equal.

Douglas Stone teaches us to set up boundaries and focus on the most constructive aspects of any feedback or criticism you get in a business relationship.

How To Better Understand Feedback
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As the CEO of The Planetary Society, Bill Nye has a 5 key recommendations for NASA's budget.

Bill Nye Writes an Open Letter to President Trump
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The idea is to leverage human technology for the benefit of animals, for a change.

5 'Biomimicry' Inventions to Help Nature Survive Man-Made Eco Harm
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The nonprofit group is not looking to “politicize science” but rather to create policies based on science.

We Need More Scientists in Congress — This New Group Wants to Make That Happen
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The yeast in question is found in raw dairy products and in soil.

Researchers Link Asthma to a Specific Yeast in the Microbiome
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Could we fix the public's lack of interest in science writing by injecting a little more humanity?

Hope Jahren thinks so.

Scientists Should Be Less Objective When Writing about Their Research
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Do you think you're an addict?

Neuroscience Journalist Maia Szalavitz suggests a great way of overcoming it.
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The people interviewed have 40,000 years of combined marriage experience.

A Cornell Professor Has Collected Relationship Advice from 400+ Old People
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How did the great civilizations of the past deal with outsiders entering their countries?

There's a lot of lies being told about immigration these days, says Parag Khanna.