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Fun Fact Friday: The pneumatic tyre (sic) was invented by John Boyd Dunlop in 1888 for use on push-bikes. Boyd also invented the word “pneumatic”.

Wonder if he ever dreamed of the things we would do or the distances we would travel?
Bikes Blues and BBQ
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Since Spring is right around the corner (If you live in Arkansas, Spring seems to have already arrived), check out these ride worthy locations. From Bella Vista down to Hot Springs, you are sure to find some breathtaking scenery and some beautiful architecture on this trip.

Take This Heavenly Road Trip To Arkansas' Most Beautiful Chapels
Bikes Blues and BBQ
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I think this perfectly personifies bikers. I have never met a single person on a bike that is a procrastinator. We are always looking for the next adventure.

Hope this is day one on your journey, make it count.
Bikes Blues and BBQ
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Hope you can get out and join Honest Abe and George for some wind therapy today.

Have a great day, make it count!
Fun Fact Friday: It is estimated that women riders grew by 18% last year, making it the largest growing demographic in the industry.

Have a great weekend everyone, make it count.

Edit: It has been pointed out Sasha Smith is the one that captured this adorable biker couple. Great job Sasha! Sorry the one I found was such poor quality, it is an awesome photo.
Throwback Thursday to 7/26/1918-WOMEN’S MACHINE GUN SQUAD, POLICE RESERVE: Practicing the Lewis machine gun The range of this gun is 2 miles, and it fires 600 to 800 shots per minute. The squad is in an Excelsior motorcycle
Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine'a Day, or Happy Money in the Bank Account Day. Whichever way it works for you, hoping you have a great day!
One of the best things about living in the Ozark Mountains is the abundance of wildlife and natural beauty. I found this guy in my backyard this morning. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Saturday, whether you are snow covered or enjoying the 83 degree weather here in NW Arkansas!
67 degrees today, 72 tomorrow. Who is ready for some wind therapy?
Throw Back Thursday!
If you traveled on Arkansas' National Scenic 7 Byway between Harrison and Jasper during Bikes, Blues and BBQ, you may have happened upon what remains of this once popular amusement park.
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Dogpatch U.S.A.
At Bikes, Blues, and BBQ we pride ourselves on our charitable giving. To date we have donated back $1.5 million to local charities. As an organization we have always made an effort to give special attention to organizations that benefit children, the elderly, service member organizations, civilian law enforcement and firefighter organizations, and the underserved of our area.

I became aware...
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Bellas M5:9 Blue Line Mission
Who says you can't ride in the winter!
What is your favorite winter weather riding gear?
Here is a great video from our partners at Progressive Motorcycle Insurance.

According to the YouTube post:
"Progressive was thrilled to sponsor a women’s motorcycle event – Babes Ride Out 4 – and lead a group of women on an epic journey from Los Angeles, California to Joshua Tree for the weekend long event. Babes Ride Out is dedicated to connecting female riders and helping them find their...
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Progressive Ride Together – a Babes Ride Out Story

Progressive was thrilled to sponsor women’s motorcycle event – Babes Ride Out 4 – and lead a group of women on an epic journey from Los Angeles, California t...

Two years ago Samantha Fish tore up the stage during Bikes, Blues, and BBQ! If you enjoy good rock music you can see Samantha Fish at George's Majestic Lounge on February 10th!

Samantha Fish

We've all been there!
Happy Monday! Have a great week!