Our new coalition will fund the development of vaccines against likely pandemics, test them as far as possible, and stockpile millions of doses.

CEPI: A Global Plan to Create Vaccines Against the Future's Deadliest Diseases

Watch live: Bill Gates talks with The New York Times about investing in innovation to prepare for the next Zika or Ebola. #OutsmartEpidemics
Vaccines save lives. What if we’d had one for Ebola? Explore the interactive to see how many lives could be saved ➡ [ Gates.ly Link ] #OutsmartEpidemics
Vaccines are an essential weapon to fight pandemics – if we can develop them quickly. ➡ [ Gates.ly Link ]

What if we could start developing a vaccine for the next pandemic before it happens? By investing in the right technologies, we can.
"To make progress, we have to commit to putting student success at the center of all of our collective efforts - above party, above ideology, and most importantly, above the fear of making hard choices."

What's Working: A New Year, A New Conversation

Almost every trend in Africa has been moving in the right direction over the last decade. Here are five reasons Bill Gates is so optimistic about progress on the continent.

Five Reasons Bill Gates is Hopeful about Africa

Girls should have access to the sanitary products they need without shame or secrecy.

Having a period is unaffordable in Kenya, yet no one wants to talk about it

"We are fortunate to live in an era awash in information of all kinds. Our challenge is to ensure we are best utilizing that information to close gaps in education and help all students succeed."

What's Working: Harnessing the Power of Information to Improve Education

We’re delighted to be supporting the British Science Association's Youth Grand Challenges. Competition opens today! [ Bsa.sc Link ] #YGC2017
The Seattle Times wrote about two potentially game-changing new ways to kill mosquitoes that we've funded that are simple and environmentally-friendly.

Simple mosquito killers are the new buzz in Gates Foundation’s malaria battle

"Higher Ed must respond nimbly to society's rapidly changing educational needs." Read more from Dan Greenstein, our Director of Postsecondary Success.

Bridging Higher Education’s Rhetoric and Reality in a Changing World

“We need to fill data gaps that keep people, and particularly women and girls, invisible in much of our research and policies.”

Our grant will support a new gender equity and health office in India, as well as opportunities for UC San Diego School of Medicine students to train on multidisciplinary research.

Center on Gender Equity and Health receives $1.6 million grant

For harnessing girl power, Melinda Gates was named one of Foreign Policy's 100 Leading Global Thinkers of 2016. Read more about Maverick Collective and their work.

Global Thinkers 2016: Melinda Gates, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and Kate Roberts

“You put it in and you forget it.” Learn more about the tiny implantable pump we're hoping can be a powerful HIV-prevention tool.

Gates Foundation to Invest Up to $140 Million in HIV Prevention Device

"Family planning is absolutely part and parcel of economic development, just like agriculture and education." - Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates on Family Planning for 'healthier, wealthier' Africa

We're making ALL published research funded by our grantees available on full #openaccess terms in 2017.

Let's speed up science by embracing open access publishing

“What is the top global security challenge of the 21st century?” We asked 500 globally-minded young people and their answer was overwhelmingly not pandemics.

Talking with the Next Generation about the Next Pandemic

EdSurge caught up with our Deputy Director of Higher Education, Heather Hiles. Read their Q&A: [ Gates.ly Link ]