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We're so happy to have the trailblazing Sue Desmond-Hellmann as our CEO! Bloomberg caught up with our doc to talk about her journey for their series, How Did I Get Here? Watch and share!
Good data & sophisticated communications networks give us the ability to rapidly detect and respond to diseases in the U.S. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is working hard to ensure poor countries get the same opportunity. [ Nature.com Link ]
Mike Bloomberg's $360 million donation will help expand the work Bloomberg Philanthropies has already started to get countries to monitor tobacco use, introduce strong tobacco-control laws, and create educational campaigns about tobacco dangers. That's great news!

Michael Bloomberg may be Big Tobacco’s biggest enemy

A sincere thank you to the 106,000 people that used their voices and energy to raise $6.79 million on Facebook this Giving Tuesday.

Our initial match of $500,000 was reached within hours. We increased our pledge to $900,000 to match even more Giving Tuesday Fundraisers.

Together, we turned passion into action and your donations supported 9,800 charities!
We were moved by Mary Kalimi Valai's personal and powerful story of coming to grips with her HIV status.
Watch her full story from The Moth stage in Johannesburg: [ Gates.ly Link ]

'Tis the season to give! For #GivingTuesday we’re matching donations to Facebook Fundraisers. Find a cause that inspires you: facebook.com/fundraisers
Want to give back? We've got some easy ways to get started. #GivingTuesday
We're one week away from #GivingTuesday! There's still time to submit your #MyGivingStory [ Bit.ly Link ]
Watch our co-chairs Bill Gates and Melinda Gates receive the highest civilian honor in the U.S., the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Everyone has something to give. You can give time or expertise; monetary donations large or small, simple acts of kindness; food or clothing. Every act of generosity counts and they mean even more when we give together.
This year there are two great ways to give back! Share your #MyGivingStory and donating to the charity of your choice on #GivingTuesday.
My husband, Nick, and I are grateful that our parents made it clear as we were growing up how much they expected of us. Home life, the Catholic schools w...

My Giving Story | The Huffington Post

What inspires you to give? Share your story with us and you could win up to $10,000 for the organization of your choice.

My Giving Story

Congratulations, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates on being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
“Imagine a world where every mother can bring her child safely into the world. Where every child has a chance to grow up healthy and strong. Where every child can dream fearlessly. We are closer than ever to making this a reality - and you can help.”
Rising prosperity, rising education and the spread of health care around the globe are major drivers in this improvement happening faster than ever before.

Child Mortality Has Decreased Everywhere in the Last Decades

Renewed investment is accelerating the pace of anti-malaria drug research and development.

India may get breakthrough malaria drug by 2018

It might be easy to think, as many people do, that tuberculosis is a disease of the past. But the infection of the lungs still kills about 1.8 million every year, including 400,000 people with HIV and TB.
Some students already in the workforce want or need to change their career as the economy evolves, while others need to work part- or full-time to support themselves and finance their education.

Not your parents’ college education

"I realized my voice would potentially make a difference for women in a way that Bill’s wouldn’t."

Congratulations to our co-chair Melinda Gates on being honored as The Wall Street Journal's 2016 Philanthropy Innovator. Read her full profile.

Melinda Gates Focuses the World’s Largest Foundation on Gender