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Come on Studio 10 they said. It'll be fun, they said...
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Evelyn made headlines today. Watch this and you’ll see why. SHARE to stand up against penalty rate cuts.
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Today's penalty rate decision will really impact Australian workers. Join us to hear from them
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Join me as I outline Labor's plan for cleaner, cheaper energy.
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Today, data shows that wages are growing at the slowest rate in a generation.

Malcolm Turnbull constantly waffled during the election campaign about 'jobs and growth,' but he just isn't delivering.

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Just the latest edition of "Liberals out of touch on housing affordability" today.
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This is the man Malcolm Turnbull put in charge of housing affordability - and his only idea is to tell young Australians to earn more money. Either the Liberals don't get it, or they just don't care.

Coalition MP tasked with housing affordability says 'highly paid job' is 'first step' to home ownership
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Good Morning Brisbane!
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This is heartbreaking. The courtroom should be a place of justice - not a place where victims are re-traumatised.

A Shorten Labor Government will end the ordeal of women being cross-examined in court by their perpetrators. But why should we have to wait? Why can't Malcolm Turnbull make the change right now?

'The things he did were evil': how courts allow domestic violence perpetrators to keep abusing
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Young people paying money to do free work for big companies? That just sounds wrong.

Young people need solid training, affordable uni degrees, and a great TAFE network. That’s why Labor:

• Opposed the Liberal’s $100k degrees.
• Will properly fund our TAFEs.
• Will seek to have at least 1/10 jobs on every major Government projects filled by Australian apprentices.

Paying to work: Australian start-up offers "learning platform of the future"
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To pay for his $50 billion tax cut to big business, Malcolm Turnbull wants to cut payments to pensioners. SHARE if you think this is unfair.
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LABOR'S PLAN: Our 50 per cent renewable energy target is a plan for less pollution, lower power prices and more jobs.

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If we are going to bring about change, we need more Indigenous people leading the conversation.

Labor sets up Indigenous caucus in push to improve representation across all parties
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Renewable energy is an investment in jobs & cheaper, cleaner power.

After years of promises, Victoria to get its first large-scale solar plants
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Today we remember those who lost their lives on the soil of a nation that had not imagined war would come to its shores.

We honour their memory.

We will remember them.

Lest We Forget.
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Labor will never give up pushing for a banking royal commission
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Privilege to meet Walter, Stewart and Allan, veterans of the Second World War who served up here in Darwin.
Theo still thinks he's a pupper! ❤
This is a shocking wake up call. Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals need to get serious about properly funding our public hospitals.

Australia's hospitals in constant 'state of emergency': AMA report