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Bill Shorten MP
yesterday at 23:52. Facebook
This will be a disaster. Turnbull should suspend this program - not expand it.

Pensioners and disabled next in line in Centrelink robo-debt campaign

Bill Shorten MP
yesterday at 09:20. Facebook
Australia lost 50,000 full-time jobs last year – we can’t afford another year like the last. Labor wants to build, buy and employ Australian first.
Bill Shorten MP
yesterday at 07:04. Facebook
No discussion about electoral reform and rebuilding the confidence of Australians in the political process can take place without having an open & honest discussion about a federal ICAC.
Bill Shorten MP
yesterday at 04:25. Facebook
To the thousands of Australians going through hell because of the Government’s Centrelink debacle: you are not alone.
Bill Shorten MP
01/11/2017 at 06:12. Facebook
This hear no evil, see no evil defence from the Minister responsible for Centrelink doesn't fool anyone.

What will it take for Malcolm Turnbull to do something? He needs stop being so weak and pull his Minister into line or sack him.
‪Malcolm Turnbull should admit he's stuffed this up and suspend the program now.

Centrelink debt recovery drive has caused summer from hell, Bill Shorten says

Something to keep in mind when you head to work for the overnight shift or miss out on time with your family over the weekend: millionaires on yachts want to take away your penalty rates, and the Turnbull Government agrees with them.

Penalty rates in sights of business leaders

Far too many Australians who appear to have done nothing wrong are being caught up in the Turnbull Government's latest stuff up. It's time they fixed this mess.

Centrelink's robo-debacle is a litany of inhuman errors

Many of us live by the water. When the weather is warm, there's nothing better than hitting the beach, the river or the pool. But this summer has seen too many preventable tragedies. In NSW alone, 14 people have drowned over the holiday period.

Here's some tips to help your family when you're at the beach. Please stay safe around the water and look out for each other.

Surf Safety

Pensions cut. Dental care cut. Medicines more expensive... do you know how Turnbull's cuts will affect your family starting this week?

January 1 price rises and benefit cuts: what you need to know

2016 was a difficult year for many Australians. I hope 2017 will be a year full of joy, good health, and success for you and your family. Happy New Year.
Time's up on Mr Turnbull's fraudband promise. 7 million still buffering.
Thank you to all those working today, giving up time with family and friends - especially our emergency services personnel. You deserve your penalty rates
From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!
I can't imagine an Australian Christmas without Vinnies and their volunteers who do such great work. I'd encourage everyone this Christmas to dig deep and spare a thought for those who are doing it tough.
While Chloe and I were in Israel, we had the pleasure of visiting Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. The doors of Hadassah are open to everyone – regardless of nationality, race or religion. It was heart-warming and inspiring to witness young Israeli men and women spending time with Palestinian children suffering from cancer and other illnesses.

The Goshen project – based on the work of...
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Theo & Matilda coping admirably with Christmas preparations.
Climate change, marriage equality, housing affordability were all too difficult for Malcolm Turnbull. It's disappointing the republic seems like it's headed in the same direction.

My offer to the PM still stands - let's start working together to deliver an Australian head of state.
Early Tuesday morning, the headquarters for the The Les Twentyman Foundation burnt down in the fire of the Little Saigon Market in Footscray. Things lost in the fire included text books and Christmas presents for disadvantaged youth in my local community of Melbourne’s west.

I'm proud to help bring together businesses and their leaders, sports stars, social figures, unions and politicians...
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