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Families come in all shapes & sizes - My remarkable wife, Chloe has written a book about ours.

Bill and Chloe Shorten discuss blended families
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03/26/2017 at 22:23. Facebook
Cutting penalty rates will hurt family budgets and the Federal Budget. It's bad for workers, bad for households and bad for the economy.

Penalty rate cuts could blow $650m hole in federal budget
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Great to join in the celebrations for Greek National Day

A wonderful reminder of the generations of migrants who have made Australia a better, richer and happier place.
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Congrats, Adelaide! Historic day for the game and a great first season.
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Three years ago today. Turnbull and Abbott are exactly the same.
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The Turnbull Government's submission to the Fair Work Commission has just been released. Their support for cutting your pay is now official. They've surrendered to big business and sold out workers. Disgraceful.

Turnbull government backs penalty-rate cuts for low paid workers
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03/24/2017 at 06:30. Facebook
The Government's advisors are quitting in protest over the utter chaos of Turnbull's handling of climate change and energy.

Mr Price, who used to advise Turnbull, said "Investors look at it and go 'that's about as frightening as it gets' because when governments do policy on the run, it most often cuts across their interests so it actually increases the risks."

'Just crazy': Twin blasts for Turnbull government over energy and climate policy
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Australians should be reassured, despite the political domestic debates in Australia, all of us are united in our hatred and opposition of terrorism. The terrorists should know they will never divide this country.
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A little unexpected motivation on my lunchtime run. Thanks guys!
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Live from Parliament: Turnbull is attacking racial discrimination laws.
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I met with workers today who are facing a pay cut. I asked Turnbull about their cases in Parliament, he responded by attacking Labor. Here are their stories.
This is where Malcolm Turnbull’s weakness has led us – a non-compulsory, non-binding, expensive, damaging and divisive opinion poll done by snail mail. It’s ridiculous.

We could vote for this in the parliament tomorrow – let's just get on with it.

Plan to hold national plebiscite on same sex marriage via postal vote
BREAKING: I am introducing legislation right now to stop cuts to penalty rates. Australians should not cop a pay cut.
Paul Keating nails it. Another discredited policy from a discredited and divided government.

Paul Keating: Only the most reckless government would raid super for housing
Live at Victorian Labor's rally for penalty rates. Tomorrow I will introduce legislation to stop this pay cut.
Turnbull's Priorities:
• A new $50 per fortnight cut to pensioners.
• A $50 billion handout to big business.

Hopelessly out of touch.