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Been having a great time at the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City this weekend. The event restaurant named a burger after me, which in this part of the world is the equivalent of a knighthood. The asterisk in the menu says Pay No More Than £2.99.
Billy Bragg
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Could the governments new plans to crack down hard on whistleblowers be in anyway connected to Theresa May's fears that, if any news leaks out about negotiations with the EU, she could lose control of the Brexit narrative?

Government advisers accused of 'full-frontal attack' on whistleblowers
From the 6th April 1985 edition of No1, a 1980s pop magazine in the Smash Hits mould: a report on the Jobs for Youth tour, which was a precursor of Red Wedge. Porky the Poet is now known as Phill Jupitus. You can see the whole magazine here [ Link ]
Jeremy Corbyn’s comment earlier this week that the “real fight starts now” that parliament has voted to trigger Article 50 was met with a considerable amount of derision from people who, like me, voted for the UK to remain in the European Union. You’d think from the defeatist tone of their comments that we’d already left the union and there was nothing to play for. In fact, it is only once...
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My 21st February date at the Old Town School of Folk in Chicago has sold out, so I've added another, on the same night, at which I'll be playing songs from my first three albums - Spy v Spy, Brewing Up and Taxman.

Billy Bragg: Back to Basics | 2/21/2017 | Old Town School of Folk Music
The BBC have chosen to post this excerpt from the discussion on child refugees from last night's Question Time, but to my mind this wasn't the most important point made. That was surely the interventions from both the panel and the floor that suggested councils in south Wales and Devon had the capacity to take more child refugees but were not being offered them by the government. If true, that...
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Billy Bragg on Question Time: What kind of country are we? - BBC News
Some wise advice on how to deal with the menace of '45' from the daughter of Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King
I'll be fighting the good fight on Question Time tomorrow night BBC1
Great pic of me wearing the 'porta-stack' mobile amplifier on the streets of New York on my first visit to the US in August 1984

Billy Bragg’s 30-year-old heartfelt protest songs are just as effective today
Rosie Ayliffe pens a powerful condemnation of Donald Trump's attempt to use her daughter's murder to justify his Muslim ban.

How dare Trump use my daughter’s death to further his brutal agenda | Rosie Ayliffe
"These are times that try men's souls" - Tom Paine

Timely gig celebrating the work of one of England's greatest revolutionaries by Robb Johnson and Leon Rosselson
Unpresidented! The Speaker of the Houses of Commons opposes the idea of Donald Trump addressing parliament, citing MPs opposition to racism and sexism and support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary.

Donald Trump visit opposed by Commons speaker - BBC News
Two weeks from today I'll be playing my first solo electric gig in the US for quite a while at the Music Box in Cleveland.

Billy Bragg Music Box Supper Club
You can hear me talking to Mark Mardell about protest music and singing a verse from my new song 'The Sleep of Reason' on The World This Weekend (from 22.29)

05/02/2017, The World This Weekend - BBC Radio 4
Had a great night out in London last night at the Americana Music Association UK's annual awards bash. Was particularly pleased to see CJ Hillman voted Instrumentalist of the Year. He's been a key member of my live set up for the past few years, a brilliant pedal steel player and a lovely guy. Congrats CJ
A bunch of apprentices are doing a sponsored walk in Yorkshire to raise money for the Richard House Children's Hospice in Beckton, east London. The staff there have 300 kids on their books, mostly from Newham, City and Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Barking and Dagenham and Waltham Forest. It's a cause well worth supporting.

Read Lauren's story
You can listen to live versions of 'Between the Wars', 'Why We Build The Wall', 'The L&N Don't Stop Here Anymore' and 'Midnight Special' recorded in Buxton on Tom's show via iPlayer for the next 27 days

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry, The Tom Robinson Show - BBC Radio 6 Music
In the past 24 hours, dozens of protests against Trump's Muslim ban have been organised across the UK. A funding page has been set up to raise money to reimburse the costs to those who have organised the events. Details of where things are happen can also be found via this link. Can't attend any of them myself as I have a gig tonight in Donegal, but I've expressed my solidarity by donating to...
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Crowdfund UK Protests Against #TrumpBan
Need cheering up on a gloomy Sunday in January? Just spend a couple of minutes watching the numbers soar upwards on this anti-Trump petition. When I signed it at midday, there were around 20k signatures. Three hours later it's headed north of 300k. UK citizens can join the fun, everyone else can just get some popcorn and settle in to see if we can pass a million.

Petition: Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.