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01/21/2017 at 14:12. Facebook
After a great night in Salisbury, Joe and I decided to divert to London to march in solidarity with the sisterhood on the Women's March against Trump. We were able to experience some of its powerful energy before heading north for the gig tonight in Buxton.
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All over the world, the resistance to Trump has begun.
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01/18/2017 at 12:05. Facebook
The man isn't even in office yet, but the language of Trump is already infecting British politics: "We are building a wall between us and the EU and we'll make those damn Europeans pay for it. And if you don't do as we say, you'll be crushed". Unfortunately May undermines the super-villain language by dressing as a middle aged Bay City Rollers fan. Shang-a lang.
Billy Bragg
01/18/2017 at 00:44. Facebook
Smashing review from Robin Denselow. Really pleased that he quotes Joe's line about the American people right now: "This is where we are, not who we are". Let's keep that in mind in the days to come.

Billy Bragg and Joe Henry review – American train tour pulls in to rail at Trump
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01/17/2017 at 14:42. Facebook
Now that the Tories have decided that Brexit is about controlling our borders whatever the cost, who will represent those who voted to give £350m a week to the NHS?
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01/17/2017 at 11:32. Facebook
UK and Ireland tour got off to a great start at the Union Chapel last night when Joe and I were joined onstage by former skiffle kids Chas & Dave for a blast through 'Midnight Special'.
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01/15/2017 at 22:18. Facebook
Very sorry to hear of the passing of Greg Trooper. We toured together in the 80s and every night I listened to him play this powerful song from the wings and he was kind enough to let me record it on Don't Try This At Home. He will be much missed.

Billy Bragg - Everywhere

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01/15/2017 at 17:36. Facebook
This is brilliant. From today's Scottish Sunday Herald TV guide - a preview of the Trump inauguration
Sorry to hear of the death of George Michael. His support for the LGBTQ community, for the NHS and for the miners marked him out as an activist as well as a great artist.
Merry Christmas everyone
Looking forward to playing a show with the brilliant Grace Petrie in Bridport on Thursday. Here she is protesting the fact that the media doesn't think that protest singers still exist - ""If you’re looking for this generation’s Billy Bragg, we are all here with a fire in our hearts”.

I Wish The Guardian Believed That I Exist

Provided to YouTube by Cargo I Wish The Guardian Believed That I Exist · Grace Petrie There's No Such Thing As A Protest Singer ℗ Robot Needs Home Released o...

Rupert Murdoch is so desperate to get complete control of Sky Broadcasting that he has taken the irony-free step of writing to the Guardian to complain that he is a victim of fake news. His letter states unequivocally that he has never asked for anything from any prime minister. Clearly he has forgotten this encounter with John Major in No10.

John Major at Leveson: Rupert Murdoch told me to change policy on Europe

Sir John Major told the Leveson Inquiry that Rupert Murdoch had told him he would lose support from News International titles unless he changed his policies ...

James O'Brien explains why we should all be supporting striking workers this week.

James Passionately Argues Against Vilification Of Striking Workers
I read a couple of troubling stories in the Observer this morning, side-by-side on pages 2 and 3. The first told of how the authorities in Russia find themselves in a quandary over how to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution next year. Was it a great event or a terrible tragedy? It’s an argument that I feel sure will run all the way to 2018, both in Moscow and the West....
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Just announced: the addition of a solo show in Adelaide on 24th April next year

Billy Bragg Solo Show
We lost a great artist sixteen years ago today.

Kirsty MacColl - Top 10 - Getintothis
My old pal Barry Crimmins is telling it like it is in his new special

An American original: comic Barry Crimmins is as radical as ever
Now that Donald Trump has confirmed the chief executive of Exxon Mobil Rex Tillerson as his choice for Secretary of State, that means nine members of Trump's transition team deny the basic scientific understanding of why our climate is changing. This ongoing process of climate change is likely to cause more mass immigration, conflict and suffering than any other issue, yet Trump seems...
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Only 40 days before President Tрамп takes power. Here's what America needs to know before he's sworn in.

Here’s What America Needs to Know About Trump and Russia