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Demonic activity and Satan worship are on the increase in all parts of the world. The devil is at work more than at any other time.

Billy Graham Daily Devoion: Angels Around Us
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Death is the most democratic experience in life for we all participate in it.

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: Victory Over Death
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Will you pray for the United States as you look at these photos from today's presidential inauguration? Franklin Graham had the privilege of reading from God's Word during the ceremony. Over the years, Billy Graham took part in the inaugurations of several presidents.

PHOTOS: Franklin Graham Reads from the Bible at Inauguration
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Watch: Franklin Graham shared Scripture during the 2017 inauguration ceremony

Franklin Graham Reads Scripture at 2017 Presidential Inauguration
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At today's inauguration, Franklin Graham shared Scripture and his prayer for the new administration on the balcony of the U.S. Capitol.

Franklin Graham to President Trump: 'It's My Prayer That God Will Bless You'
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"You cannot work your way toward happiness and heaven, you cannot moralize your way, you cannot reform your way, you cannot buy your way."

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: The Joy of Knowing
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And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
—John 8:32

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: Truth
Billy Graham considered Martin Luther King Jr. a close friend. Here, Mr. Graham visits #MLK's grave with Coretta Scott King.
"No one really knows why they are alive until they know what they'd die for.” —Martin Luther King Jr. #MLKDay

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Unless God is revealed to us through personal experience, we can never really know Him.

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: Do You Know God?
Will you stand in agreement with Will Graham that lives will be eternally changed at the upcoming Wiregrass Area Will Graham Celebration?

Will Graham: 'We Want to See People Come to Christ'
“Hundreds of thousands of individuals accepted Christ kneeling on sticky concrete floors in theaters across America."

Plan a visit to the Billy Graham Library in #Charlotte for this special display telling the story of BGEA's film ministry, World Wide Pictures.

Library Display Highlights Billy Graham's Groundbreaking Film Ministry
Today's Billy Graham daily devotion talks more about how God never makes mistakes. Read it here: [ Link ]
Have you ever thought about the collapse of time? Through it all, one thing remains unchanged.

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: The Unchanging God
As Christians, we have the Spirit of God in us. But ours is the responsibility to keep sin out of our lives so that the Spirit can produce His fruit in us.

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: Get in the Word
We don’t like to think that our carefully made plans, our long range schemes may be interrupted by the trumpet of God.

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: He Is Coming Back