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God judges not so much the outside as He does the inside.

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: A Pure Heart
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"If you’re too busy for God, then you’re simply too busy."

'Does God Care if I'm Busy and Forget About Him?'
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Comment with your guess for this fun trivia question, then click below for the answer.

Billy Graham Trivia: What Close Call Did the Evangelist Survive?
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God doesn't ask you to get rid of your temper. But there are a couple of things He wants you to do with it.

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: Tame Your Temper
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On this date in 1973, Billy Graham called for an end to apartheid at the first series of integrated meetings in South Africa. Listen to one of his messages from this historic Crusade:

AUDIO: Billy Graham Confronts Racism, Teaches God Loves Everyone
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Good luck charms have no power. Put your life in God's hands this St. Patrick's Day: [ Link ]
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When have you been in a situation when you desperately needed help? Who did you turn to?

God Is Our Help: A Bible Study from Anne Graham Lotz
"What do you suppose would happen to you if God didn’t 'bother' with you?"

'Why Should I Bother with God?' Billy Graham's Answer to a Skeptic
Don't forget to spring forward tonight.
Reminders for International Women's Day:

5 Things Jesus Wants Women to Know
All have come short of the glory of God, but we can have access to His mercy and forgiveness.

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: The Divine Standard
"Stuff like this just doesn't happen in western Canada."

Thank you for your prayers for the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope. Total attendance: 34,000. Decisions for Christ: 1,900-plus

Canadian Response to Gospel 'Overwhelming'
Franklin Graham has taken the stage in Vancouver to share God's Word to tens of thousands. WATCH LIVE:

Live Now: Franklin Graham Preaching the Gospel in Vancouver
Watch the final night: [ Link ]
Praise God for stories like this coming from the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope.
"I thought today would be a good day to start a new life with Him."

Share this story from the second night of the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope, and make plans to watch Michael W. Smith tonight at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET.

From Drifting to Purpose Driven: Hundreds More in Vancouver Find New Life
We'll be live on our Facebook page from #Vancouver in about 30 minutes.
The second night of the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope is live. Watch online below and pray that hearts are touched.

Watch Live: Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope
Tens of thousands in attendance and hundreds of decisions—see what took place on night one of the Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope:

PHOTOS: Diverse Crowd Packs Arena for Day One of Vancouver Festival
The Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope has just begun. Watch Phil Wickham's performance and Franklin Graham's Gospel message live below. #bgfest

Watch Live: Greater Vancouver Festival of Hope