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A look back at Billy Graham's history with U.S. presidents, beginning with Harry Truman.

Billy Graham: Pastor to the Presidents
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As we recognize President’s Day, enjoy a short quote from Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States about his relationship with Billy Graham.

Answering critics of his relationship with Billy, Gerald Ford said, “I’ve heard the comments from some sources that Billy mixes politics with religion. I never felt that and I don’t think that thousands and thousands of people who listen to...
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Feeling empty inside? This answer from Billy Graham is for you.

'I feel like something is missing in my life.'
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Read about another World Wide Pictures film featured on our blog. Plan your visit to the Billy Graham Library before March 31 to see the special display “Pioneering Christian Cinema.”

World Wide Pictures: Time to Run - The Billy Graham Library Blog
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Want some beautiful graphics to remind you of God's Word? Download them for FREE on our blog and post them to your social media, print them off to display around your home, or use however you choose. We hope you find encouragement through them.

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Theirs was a love for the ages. <3 Happy Valentine's Day!
#Artifactoftheweek From the Ruth Bell Graham collection, a card given to Ruth from Billy that reads,
"I never knew that love could be
So wonderful and sweet
never knew that someone dear
Could make life so complete
I never knew that happiness
Could fill each day all thru
And every hour could mean so much
Sweetheart till I met you!
With all my heart, Bill"
Read more about their love story here:
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The film “A Vow to Cherish,” was released in 1999 by World Wide Pictures, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association's film production company. This film illustrates the importance of living by godly principles in front of a world searching for answers. Check out the trailer on our blog: [ Link ]

World Wide Pictures: A Vow to Cherish - The Billy Graham Library Blog
This weekend, Franklin Graham is preaching the Gospel in the same place that his father did in 22 years ago. Take a look at how sharing the Gospel around the world has changed in 22 years: [ Link ]

Then and Now: From San Juan to the World - The Billy Graham Library Blog
Please join us in prayer for Franklin Graham's Festival de Esperanza Puerto Rico that begins today. Billy Graham preached in Puerto Rico in 1958. Listen to his message here: [ Link ]

Audio: A House Built on a Rock
This year, the Billy Graham Library celebrates our 10th anniversary! We're so excited and we want you to be a part of the celebration. On the 10th of each month (or the 11th when it falls on a Sunday), we will be giving away special gifts to the first 50 guests that visit. Come visit, grab a bite to eat in the Graham Brothers Dairy Bar, shop around in Ruth's Attic and be inspired again and...
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As Queen Elizabeth celebrates 65 years as the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom, we are looking back on Billy Graham's memories of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II: [ Link ]

In His Own Words: Billy Graham on Queen Elizabeth - The Billy Graham Library Blog
Did you know the Library turns 10 this year? We're celebrating all year long! Make sure you follow along on our social media accounts to learn about special events, giveaways and more as we remember all that God has done through the ministry of the Billy Graham Library. And be sure to check out our blog each month as we share a top 10 list.

10 Scriptures Found in The Journey of Faith - The Billy Graham Library Blog