Feeling crazy
My garden. ..dancing on Kale
Pride of the tribe
Pride of the TODA tribe
Herbs and Tomatoes from my garden
Calendar from @indiaunveiled
Cleo climbed to the top of the mountain to see the world...what a trek
At a beautiful trail with my loved ones friends and Cleo
Diy project. ..artwork +redone old frame. ..
Artwork on music sheets
Done in photoshop pretty easy.. CLEO
New art work using our pic and music sheets. ..old frame repainted and some decoupage and done....
Fruits of your labor may sometimes fall early but they still remind you beauty is what you hold and what you hoped...enjoy now...it is beautiful even in it's imperfections. ..
Missing our Oreo. ..we both are officially jobless
This one will be going to his new home. ..
I will miss him..m
I love you Oreo
I will always love you
M a Diva
I don't need crowns
Cos I was born queen
I m gonna sing
I m gonna sing for my life
This girl is on fire
I rise up
Hey mister my foster mom is crazy she loves me too much she cares for my mom and me. ..but she has to move out in 70 days for past one month she is running up and down to find a good home. ..please adopt me. .I am very smart pup....give me the blessing of a home and I will love you for eternity. ...please adopt me and don't forget to tell your friends that I an Indian pup is up for adoption....
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This one thinks I am his mom....jumps from the fence to jump on my lap to sleep. ..Cleo only tolerates him in the garden. ..so this guy needs a good mom with a lap...
So please help him find a good home...
Anyone who adopts him gets a free photoshoot from me...but no abandoning allowed

I was so irritated with my hair that I taught myself to give myself a 5 Mins haircut with layers..
I am the official diy queen in my house