I need a loving home where I can play,eat,sleep without fear of big cats and love my human...
Feeling great. ..the days I was practicing singing for my performance at New year's ball. I was working for a project too...
My work which was bought by the company . .is exhibited in Nairobi
Feeling great to see food cooked styled and photograped at home is going places. .....
Juggling my two worlds and feeling blessed
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Last puppy left to get a forever home. ..
Please help him to get a home..
He is the strongest of the lot...had kept him as I know weak ones never get home....so important to give them chance. ..he is my favorite. ..he keeps following me and very loveable. ..Cleo does not like him otherwise would have adopted him...
Our milkman adopted one...so big thanks to him..
I am looking for a forever...
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Puppies up for adoption
Adopt don't buy ...give home to Indian dogs
Rest in peace little ones. ..few days you were here made our life beautiful and everything was alive. ..
May every Indian dog get a home....dog's life on street is never easy. ...
5 cute puppies
Please help me get these puppies adopted in loving home
My heart is joyous everytime I see my veggies sing to me...plum plum yum yum...
Awesome lavender icecream at Culirinum
A great plate cleanser. .
The Culinarium is a Pastry, Breads and Dining restaurant situated in Ketti, in The Nilgiris, it is located almost exactly between the towns of Coonoor and Ooty.
5 golu babies near my house. ..mother is feeding them....so they are extremely healthy. .they have extreme cold and rain that proves they are fittest. ..
Anyone wants to adopt please message me. ..
Adopting is the best way to teach your children to be sensetive and humane...
Adopting will make sure no dog ends up on street
Indian dogs are the best dogs ever
Please adopt
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Happy Christmas
Enjoying our happy meals
Morning musings
One of the best things of our home traditions to have our own kitchen garden no matter what space it is. ..
We grow our vegetables, fruits and spices at our home in Kerala and one thing that bonds mother in law and me is the pride we take in growing our own kitchen garden. ..she has the luxury of big lands while me have to adjust with constant transfers and different spaces. ...but we both...
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Today's vegan breakfast made by mom N law. ..simple and yummy. ..
Travel. ..travel. ...
Best chutney everhhh at Kallarh Cottage
Stopped for breakfast
Has a hint of fennel in chutney...a must try small places great experience for one's pallet....