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Ragda Patties
A very popular Mumbai street food chaat.
Anyone can easily indulge into Ragda Patties. A delicious Potato patties served with white peas curry, topped with onion, tomato, chutneys and some chaat masala… [ Link ]
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Paneer Tikka is one of the popular Indian dish. [ Link ]
Paneer Tikka is an Indian dish made from chunks of paneer marinated in yogurt with spices and grilled in a tandoor. Paneer Tikka is not only in India but also very popular dish worldwide in mostly all Indian restaurants
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Vaghareli Rotli (Masala Roti in Yogurt) [ Link ]
Vaghareli Rotli or Masala Roti in Yogurt, a perfect healthy, quick breakfast. It is made from leftover rotis, spices and yogurt, most common breakfast in south Gujarat.

Vaghareli Rotli (Masala Roti in Yogurt) - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla
[ Link ]
Dahi Vada is also known as Dahi Bhalla in Punjabi, it is very popular street-food chaat in India.

Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla Recipe - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Rose Ice Cream [ Link ]
The enchanting aroma of rose and the tempting flavor make this ice-cream a delightful dessert, which has a royal effect on your taste buds. Lose yourself in this unique ice-cream, which is sure to pep-up your soul and your senses.
It was a relaxing rainy day! We don’t like to go out when its a rainy day, so we spent our whole Sunday at home.....! So this was our Sunday lunch...... totally homemade! What was yours?
Jeera Rice
Amaras (storebought)
Achari Dahi Bhindi
Gujarati Kadhi
Bread Pakora
Sev Puri (from Saturday night leftover)
Pudina Jaljeera
Tomato-onion salad
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Khatta Dhokla also called White Dhokla,it is a vegetarian food item that originates from Gujarat. This Dhokla called as “Khatta Dhokla” because of its sour taste. In Gujarati, sour means “Khatta”. [ Link ]

Khatta Dhokla - White Dhokla - Recipe - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Herbed Focaccia Bread with Olive and Cherry Tomatoes
It is a great companion to any soups, can be severed as a side or a wonderful base for a sandwich…you can use it in whatever way but I assure you, you will just love it. [ Link ]

Herbed Focaccia Bread with Olive and Cherry Tomatoes - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Veggie Stuffed Potatoes
It is a perfect dinner on a rushed weeknight, and even makes a nice lunch for one when you’re craving something both flavorful and comforting. [ Link ]

Veggie Stuffed Potatoes Recipe (Baked) - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Stuffed Karela (Bharwan Karela)
Stuffed Karela is a great healthy side dish. It is an unique Indian dish with such exquisite flavor that it will make even bitter karela taste like heaven. [ Link ]

Stuffed Karela (Bharwan Karela) or Stuffed Bitter Gourd - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Masala Mathia Papad (Mathiya) [ Link ]
Masala Mathia Papad is very popular snack in Gujarat; however, it is quite famous across the country specially in northern India, it is all about taste that lingers in the mouth.

Masala Mathia Papad Recipe (Mathiya) - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Vegan Tomato Basil Soup
This vegan Tomato Basil Soup has always been a favorite of mine. It is a perfect light meal for wintry night. It is quick to make, takes less than 30 minutes. Vegan Tomato Basil Soup is no fuss gluten free recipe and no extra work. It has no cream, no nuts and perfectly gluten free, but still taste so delicious! [ Link ]

Vegan Tomato Basil Soup Recipe - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Cranberry Chutney is a sweet, spicy and tangy, it is a healthy condiment. This Cranberry Chutney is savory combo to dress up your meal, or can be used as a simple appetizer with snack like crackers. A wonderful seasonal condiment that perfectly goes with any meal.
[ Link ]

Cranberry Chutney Recipe - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Eggless Stained Glass Ginger Cookies [ Link ]
Eggless Stained Glass Ginger Cookies are perfect as Christmas cookies, can be made for any occasion, any time of the year, whether to celebrate a holiday, party or other event. You can decorate these Stained Glass Window Cookies with some sugar icing, even kids can decorate easily, my girls decorated all these cookies it was real fun.

Eggless Stained Glass Ginger Cookies - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Eggless Polish Cream Cheese Cookies (Kolacky)
Polish Cream Cheese Cookies are widely popular in Poland as a Christmas tradition but they are popular in other Eastern European countries as well. [ Link ]

Eggless Polish Cream Cheese Cookies (Kolacky) - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Eggless Rose Spritz Sandwich Cookies with Coffee Flavor
This homemade Coffee Flavor Rose Spritz Sandwich Cookies are lightly sweet and perfectly soft creamy inside.
[ Link ]

Rose Spritz Sandwich Cookies Coffee Flavor - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Sev Tameta Nu Shaak (Sev Tamatar Ki Sabji)
Sev Tameta Nu Shaak is spicy and tangy in taste, can be served with roti. It is an authentic Gujarati dish from the kathiyawad region.
[ Link ]

Sev Tameta Nu Shaak (Sev Tamatar Ki Sabji) - Binjal's VEG Kitchen
Eggless Chocolate Frosted Coconut Cookies
My family just loves these Eggless Chocolate Frosted Coconut Cookies. It is actually most requested cookies in my house. It is also great cookies for those who are vegetarian that does consume milk but not eggs [ Link ]
Matki Chi Usal (Moth Bean Curry) is another popular dish from Maharashtrian cuisine, it is a very healthy. Matki Chi Usal is spicy and popular recipe, goes well with paratha, roti, rice, very tasty and yummy. [ Link ]
Eggless Cinnamon Apple Cake (old recipe updated with new pics)
A yummy Cinnamon Apple Cake made without eggs, and tastes fantastic when warm. This easy cinnamon apple cake is a must try. The cake of apples combined with cinnamon is an easy to prepare and it tastes really great.
[ Link ]

Eggless Cinnamon Apple Cake - Binjal's VEG Kitchen