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Giovanna Fletcher talks about being body shamed after giving birth. Did you know that one if four women have to cope with negative comments after having a baby?

Giovanna Fletcher talks body shaming

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Turning up the heating at home a bit more often can strip away your skin's natural oils which frequently results in itchy, flaky skin.
Bio-Oil can help replenish these natural oils and relieve discomfort associated to tight, itchy skin.
Bio-Oil UK & Ireland
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These women are so brave sharing their experiences of living with scars and life after self-harm. Thank you Sarah and Becci for helping others by talking about what it’s really like.

100 Women 2016: Living with scars and life after self-harm - BBC News

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Hello December! We are pleased to see you.
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That feeling, when you say goodbye to your belly button at 21 weeks...

Bump Watch - Tiny Tuppen #2 Week 21 - Southern Mummy

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Our favourite quote from Maya Angelou
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Today we wanted to share a heartwarming story we got from one of our fans. We always welcome your feedback <3
Let's get cosy! #Sundayfeeling
Read how pregnant mum Kym has managed to avoid stretch marks going into the 3rd trimester. #stretchmarks #pregnancy

Pregnancy log - 24 weeks - Kym & the Wolves

We love the new No7 TV ad with award winning author and feminist speaker Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - “Make-up has the added benefit of making me walk a little taller.”

No7 Match Made Ad with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 60’

Watch award winning author and celebrated feminist speaker, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in our No7 Match Made advert. Listen to her beautiful words and views on...

Our mantra for today is... #BodyPositivity
A lovely long read on raising a daughter in the midst of body image concerns. #bodyimage

7 Body Image Questions I Have About Raising A Daughter

Did you know that Bio-Oil has won 223 skincare awards and become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 18 countries since its global roll-out began in 2002?
"Would I be repurchasing? Yes, I absolutely will. Now, I use it on my elbows, knees and nails as cuticle oil along with my problem areas. It has made my skin feel and look wonderful." Thank you for the thorough review, Wildfire Charm

Bio Oil Review & Experience

There are many different types of scars and Bio-Oil is here to help them all: operation scars, burns, acne scars, insect bites, chicken pox scars, self harm scars, etc.
Happy Friday everyone! #TGIF
Our latest endorser is actress, singer and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra. Chopra likes to shower twice a day and keeps her body moisturised. “It evens out the tone on your body,” she raves.

"The Globe Is My Stage": Priyanka Chopra Isn't Crossing Over—She's Taking Over

#Humpday motivation ❤
Colder months can leave your skin feeling tight and itchy - but worry not, there are a number of easy to do tips to help you battle the symptoms of dehydrated skin.

Top tips for avoiding dry skin this winter