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11/29/2016 at 16:22. Facebook
Who said our Life Plankton Mask can not be used on cold seasons?
Our secret tips:
- Put a warm and humide towel on your face during 30' secondes
- Leave it and apply your mask all over your face

Find it and try it on biotherm.com
11/29/2016 at 11:02. Facebook
Do the right thing at the right time!
A glowing hydration, that's all you need this season!

➡ biotherm.com
11/23/2016. Facebook
Life Plankton Essence rocks! The first step of your beauty routine. A few drops are enough to regenerate your skin in the morning.

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11/22/2016. Facebook
What about you?

Are you more or ⚪?

If you prefer natural lips ➡[ Bit.ly Link ]
11/21/2016. Facebook
Hello Monday! Aquasource Everplump gives you the healthy look you need after a busy weekend.

Discover its unique formula ➡ [ Bit.ly Link ]
11/17/2016. Facebook
Start to protect your skin against the coming cold spell!

Have look on livemore.biotherm.com to find more about health, fit and beauty.
11/16/2016. Facebook
#Truebeauty! Beauty can be anywhere, can be anything!
Watch our exclusive behind the scenes with our ambassador Christy Turlington Burns and SHARE with us, your own definition of beauty.
11/16/2016. Facebook
Best in class: Biosource Total Renew Oil will help you to avoid the effect of pollution throught this busy November month.

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11/11/2016. Facebook
Welcome to the Biotherm gym!

Have a look on livemore.biotherm.com, so many fitness tips!
11/10/2016. Facebook
Add some glow to your bath routine.
⬇ Share your beauty tips for a perfect bath, in the comments.
11/09/2016. Facebook
#LivingMore! Later, it will be too late!
Watch our exclusive behind the scenes with our ambassador Christy Turlington Burns.
11/07/2016. Facebook
Have you ever tried our favourite night care Aquasource Night Spa?
Share your reviews of these lovely moisturizer!

11/02/2016. Facebook
Halloween is over!

Time to transform the witch into a princess again!
Discover our post halloween routine.

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10/30/2016. Facebook
Hello witches!
Ready to scare your friends tomorrow?

10/26/2016. Facebook

☀Work hard, Play hard

- Aquasource Gel: whatever the conditions, it's 500h of full hydration in a jar!
- Aquasource Night Spa: rehydrated, smoothed & soothed skin, night after night!
10/19/2016. Facebook
How much do you know about body care? Discover our solutions on
10/17/2016. Facebook
"Personally I’m all about being natural and using natural products. I prefer natural ingredients, actives, that do something for my skin and really make a difference." Like if you agree with our ambassador Elsa Hosk
10/14/2016. Facebook
Your body needs smoothness?

Give it, give it ➡ [ Bit.ly Link ]
10/12/2016. Facebook
#EnjoyingLife! Think about it and do it right now!
Watch our exclusive behind the scenes with our ambassador Christy Turlington Burns.
10/11/2016. Facebook
Prepping for an important pitch at work on Monday? Your guide to a perfect glow:
- Aquasource Everplump ➡ [ Bit.ly Link ]
- Wonder Mud ➡ [ Bit.ly Link ]
- Liquid Glow ➡ [ Bit.ly Link ]