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Capri's favorite thing in the world. #dadlife #italy
Must know's for the parronts around the world. Great for keeping handy for bird-sitters, too! Better safe than sorry so lets all stay informed.

Parrot Ownership Guide
You lookin' at me?
Capri's bffs
We've arrived in Barcelona and received the doves we will be borrowing for the next 3.5 months. Shower in the hotel before heading to the ship this morning... they're adorable. [ Link ]

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Will you guys give our ParrotFX some review-love, please? <3

The best things in life are FREE! Like this case study ;)

The Abused African Grey Bean: Case Study
Conure love ❤
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For those of you missing rocko videos
I just can't even. The cuteness.
Foraging of the day idea...
:P -JL