Around three million people are held in pre-trial detention and other forms of remand imprisonment throughout the world, according to the latest edition of the World Pre-trial/Remand Imprisonment List (WPTRIL), researched and compiled by Roy Walmsley and published on Thursday 23 February by the Institute for Criminal Policy Research, at Birkbeck, University of London. Read more -

Birkbeck's ICPR reports around 3 million held in pre-trial detention worldwide
[Discover our research] For 140 years rare manuscripts that record the private thoughts and opinions of David Livingstone, the Victorian explorer and missionary, were hidden from the public eye due to their fragile condition and frequently indecipherable text. We look back at Birkbeck research that revealed a spectrally-imaged 'lost' letter from Livingstone's final African expedition, written...
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Researchers reveal Dr Livingstone's darkest hour through lost letters
It's been a long dark winter but we're into the second half of the term and spring is on its way to brighten up our lives and evenings.

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Professor Jan Rueger from Birkbeck’s Department of History, Classics and Archaeology has published a new book - Heligoland: Britain, Germany and the Struggle for the North Sea.

Heligoland is a small island in the North Sea, but its diminutive size belies its importance in the history of Anglo-German relations. A British colony for much of the nineteenth century, the island became a metaphor...
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Birkbeck academic's new book - Heligoland: Britain, Germany and the Struggle for the North Sea
[#BBKblogs] Faced with shrinking habitats and increasing competition for natural resources, large charismatic predators are under severe threat in many developing countries. In contrast, in developing countries where protection is effective, predators like crocodilians and wolves are increasing. In both cases, the impacts on predators and humans bring the challenges of coexisting with wildlife...
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Birkbeck research looks at reframing human-predator relations
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Whether you're feeling stuck in your current job or are looking to fast-track your progression, these FREE workshops are designed to help you explore how further study can have a positive impact on your future career. The next workshop is from 6pm-7:30pm, Tuesday 21 Feb, and will help you:

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Future Focus Career Workshop - 21 Feb
Birkbeck's Rosie Campbell examines the bias that voters bring to the ballot box TONIGHT on BBC Radio 4 at 8:30pm and catch up on BBC iPlayer Radio.

What does the story of the Downing Street cat reveal about the way voters decide? We are not taught how to vote. We rely on intuition, snap judgments and class prejudice. We vote for policies that clash wildly with our own views. We keep picking...
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How Voters Decide: Part One, Analysis - BBC Radio 4
The story of regeneration in London is one of gains and losses, community and hostility, and opportunities and barriers. Assessments of local reaction to regeneration – and the seemingly inseparable process of gentrification – have tended to focus on adult concerns – the middle-class protest groups against the professional developers or the long-term residents against the creative ‘hipsters’....
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How do you see your future if you’re young and your area is gentrifying?
[#BBKblogs] Dr Justin Schlosberg from Birkbeck’s Department of Film, Media and Cultural Studies discusses digital giants and media barons: "We are living in an era when vast sections of our media, both “old” and “new”, are controlled by a tiny number of giant corporations, most of which dominate their particular sectors and face minimal competition. UK’s supposedly competitive national...
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Murdoch's access to British prime minister shows media power still in hands of the few
Birkbeck's Sarah Marks and Daniel Pick explore the difficulty in pinpointing how radicalization works in practice.

Jesse Morton was 16 when he ran away, trailed a Grateful Dead tour and scraped a living from the proceeds of drugs peddled outside concerts in the mid-90s. Caught and jailed for drug offences, he was radicalized in a prison in Virginia. Bin Laden became an idol and he himself a...
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Lessons from the 1950s on mind control
From Vertov's memorial to Lenin to the new-style Soviet cinema of the 1930s, Birkbeck's Ian Christie has curated films for the Royal Academy's REVOLUTION! exhibition, which runs from 11 Feb to 17 April. One hundred years on from the Russian Revolution, this powerful exhibition explores one of the most momentous periods in modern world history through the lens of its groundbreaking art. He is...
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Birkbeck's Ian Christie curates films for Revolution: Russian Art 1917–1932 at Royal Academy of Arts
Alarming numbers of cancer doctors experience high levels of burnout, stress, sleep problems and depression, with some resorting to alcohol or sedatives to cope, #BBKresearch suggests. Meta-analysis of 43 existing studies, published on Friday in Psycho-Oncology, revealed that many oncologists were struggling with the burden of dealing with suffering patients, distressed relatives and heavy...
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Birkbeck research finds alarming number of cancer medics suffering burnout and stress
A new exhibition at Birkbeck's Peltz Gallery runs 3-25 March. 'Decolonising witchcraft' portrays the women whose livelihoods play a central role in the culture and health of Bolivia. Sidelined as ‘witchcraft’ or ‘folklore’ by Western approaches to medicine, their stories are explored in the context of President Evo Morales’ decolonisation project, which challenges the systems that have...
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Decolonising witchcraft: Portraits of traditional healers in Bolivia — 3-25 March
[#BBKblogs] Birkbeck's Professor Patrick Tissington continues his advice series for students: "Amongst the nasty habits your lecturers have is setting this particular piece of torture. Group assignments be they assessed collectively or individually are a minefield for the student so I have summarised my survival tips here. I won’t promise these will mean you have a fun time, but following this...
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Surviving group work: 7 steps
Dr Simon Pooley, a specialist in human-wildlife conflict in Birkbeck's Department of Geography, Environment and Development Studies, is calling for a fundamental rethink of how we study and manage human-predator relations, particularly where conflicts have emerged over damage caused by animals like crocodiles, jaguars, lions, tigers and wolves. Dr Pooley has been working with a select group of...
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Birkbeck human-wildlife specialist calls for a new approach to managing human-predator relations
[Discover our research] Birkbeck's Dr Tim Markham asks whether, when it comes to social media and political uprisings, we’re just seeing what we want to see: "When I travelled to Cairo last April, one of the first things I did was to visit Tahrir Square, scene of some of the most evocative and stirring events of what came to be known as the Arab spring of 2011. An awful lot has been written...
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Social Media, Protest and the Arab Spring
Birkbeck's Dr Christina Julios has been nominated for the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation’s (IKWRO) True Honour Awards 2017 for her research and educational work on ‘honour’-based violence (HBV). The annual awards celebrate inspirational individuals and groups who take a stand against ‘honour’-based violence. Dr Julios, author of the recent book Forced Marriage and 'Honour'...
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Birkbeck academic nominated for Women’s Rights award
Calling all current Birkbeck students. What has your experience at Birkbeck been like? What are the highlights or the things that could make Birkbeck even better?

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Birkbeck student surveys and feedback
Santander, the international bank and financial services provider, has extended its support for Birkbeck for a further three years. The Master of Birkbeck, Professor David Latchman CBE, welcomed Matt Hutnell, Director of Santander Universities, to celebrate the ongoing partnership and sign a new three-year relationship agreement in late January, following on from the initial partnership agreed...
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[#BBKblogs] An increasing proportion of knowledge is generated in the private sector, rather than in public research institutions like universities. For many, this is cause for concern; public research and private research differ economically in terms of public access, potential for future technological innovations and in the criteria of resource allocation. Does it matter whether research is...
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What does the retreat of public research mean for welfare and innovation?