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Start at 25, #retire at 40

Start at 25, retire at 40
3 Ways You Can Meet #Money and Fitness #Goals. #mustread

3 Ways You Can Meet Money and Fitness Goals
If the fund has beaten its benchmark, the next important step is to see if it is ahead of similar funds in its category.

Learn with ET Mutual Funds: Evaluating performance of a mutual fund - The Economic Times
Presenting Birla Sun Life Resurgent India Fund, a close ended equity scheme - Series 3 a scheme suitable for investors seeking long term capital growth. Know more - [ Link ]
What is the ideal duration for a Systematic Transfer Plan?

What is the ideal duration for a Systematic Transfer Plan? - The Economic Times
By age 30, you should have the equivalent of your salary saved.

Here's how much money you should have saved at every age
We often challenge others to do things that we are good at. Well, let’s see if you can count 96 to 1 in a #NotSoTaxing way?
Learn about the process a #nominee need to follow to sell #mutualfund #investments in an unfortunate event

How can a nominee sell mutual fund investments? - The Economic Times
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3 Tricks to Living Well While #Spending Less -- You don't have to live an ascetic life to keep your #budget in check

3 Tricks to Living Well While Spending Less
There is quite some effort that a lot of people put in when they are planning their long term investments.

What matters when you plan to invest in MF for long-term?
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The Power of #Compounding - the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it - earns it; he who doesn't - pays it --Albert Einstein
Here are 5 #investing mistakes you make and how they can be avoided
[ Link ]
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Here are few ways in which you could help your parents to manage their #money during #Retirement

How to help parents manage money during retirement - The Economic Times
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SIPs through equity funds offer far higher returns than fixed-income options, enabling investors to meet these goals.

View: Redeeming MFs is as important as investing - The Economic Times
The way the government manages its #finances can also tell you a lot about what you should, or should not, do with your own #money. #MustRead

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