Birthday Cards
02/17/2017 at 15:48. Facebook
Don't afraid to be older! (Unless you are cheese)
Happy Birthday, enjoy each moment of life!
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Happy Birthday!
May the birthday cake be as sweet as you friends' wishes! May your family smiles be as bright as stars!
Many happy returns!
xo xo xo
Happy Birthday!
May this Bday be magical and enchanting with a lot of presents and friends' smiles!
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Have fun and send more cards to your family and friends.
Happy Birthday, my little sweet pumpkin.
May your life be so sweet as this cupcake.
xo xo xo
In soft glistening night of stars,
hope all your aspirations come true.
May every star present in the sky,
Bring love and mirth to you.
Happy New Year 2017!
Merry Christmas!
We wish you a joyful holiday season filled with peace and happiness, from all of us!
Happy winter Birthday!
May this winter you have the warmest #bday filled with lots of smiles, presents and friends warm wishes!
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Happy Birthday!
Isn't it cool to have bday in winter? You always have lots of winter fun playing winter games. All around are so fluffy and white!
Happy winter Birthday, my friend!
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Happy Birthday, my friend!!!
Have the warmest Birthday this winter.
May your Thanksgiving be filled with love and cheer, but also with full tummies.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Birthday!
You have so many balloons this day! I wish every day you have high spirits, inspiration, and love of your close friends and family, just like today.
xo xo xo
Happy bright Birthday!
Make this November celebration colorful, fancy, with lots of brilliant balloons!
Helloween is right here!
Happy #Halloween!
Helloween is coming!
Are you ready? Don't miss the opportunity to be really creative!
Happy Birthday! May this bday and every day be full of your family smiles, warmth, and joy. Have fun and cool bday party!
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Happy Columbus Day!
Friends like you are rare treasure, like a pot of gold or precious stones. It’s your day to shine! Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Are you ready for all these presents and balloons?
Here you are some more! Happy Birthday!
xo xo xo
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Happy Birthday, my friend!
I'm so proud of you and I'm so happy to have you in my life. I wish today angels made your dreams come true!
Lots and lots and lots of love and kisses.