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Can you feel the #BiMagic???? in the air?
Can you feel the BiMagic in the air

16 Magical Unicorn Recipes To Make This Weekend
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Happy #WorldBookDay! #BePurple
Happy WorldBookDay BePurple
Jeremy Pynes
Aaron Elmore
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Chengtao Hua
Aimee Mackey
Michael Paton
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This is also #WhatBiLooksLike
This is also WhatBiLooksLike
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Villa Willis
Shaun Simpson
Nienke Rombouts
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"Changing your logo to a rainbow and shouting ‘yaaaasss qween!’ on your brand’s Instagram for likes is the big business equivalent of a hen party muscling their way into a gay club because ‘the music’s just so fab!’." - Amy Nield for Gay Star News
Changing your logo to a rainbow and shouting yaaaasss qween on your

Why brands need to move on from participation to protecting their LGBTI customers
Abi Zoe Feetham
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Nikki (channeling her inner Frida Kahlo #Bi2, #OneOfUs) for the Mannequin Series: Showcasing Women Who Don't Want To Fit The Mold
By Julia Busato Photography
Nikki channeling her inner Frida Kahlo Bi2 OneOfUs for the Mannequin Series
Gordon Williams
Andy Bradshaw
Alicia Carr Mitsch
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#BisLoveFantasy #BisLoveSciFi
Diana Behre
Colleen O'Leary
Danielle Warren
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#WeExist! #BiTwitter
WeExist BiTwitter
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Kelly McCullough
Halie Hoeft
Katherine McClain
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Catana Comics
Catana Comics
Brenna Rochelle Coleman
Emily Elizabeth Thompson
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"Venture capitalists play a vital role in shaping the culture of startups: investors who value diversity are likelier to guide them away from the reputational and legal risks that beset offices full of 'brogrammers'. Silicon Valley is a remarkable place. But it is time for the boy’s club to grow up." - The Economist
Venture capitalists play a vital role in shaping the culture of startups

Women in technology: Silicon Valley’s sexism problem | The Economist
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Happy Birthday, Amber Heard (#Bi2, #OneOfUs)!!!
(born April 22, 1986) Amber is an American actress and model. Her career breakthrough came in 2008 with the film Pineapple Express. Heard often appears in magazines' Most Beautiful and Sexiest lists. She is also involved in social activism for causes such as LGBT rights and abolishing slavery.

Amber Heard came out at GLAAD's 25th anniversary...
View details ⇨
Happy Birthday Amber Heard Bi2 OneOfUs born April 22 1986 Amber is
Gordon Williams
David Hanschke Wilson
Xin Montemayor
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"In a society as heteronormative as this, when LGBTQ rights and issues are still up for debate, we need connection. We need to feel as if we’re not alone. We need to know that our existence is valid and our problems are not just ours alone. We need a team. We need community. We need family." - McKenna Ferguson for #BiStories
In a society as heteronormative as this when LGBTQ rights and issues » I Get Bi With A Little Help From My Friends
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While at an event at New York City's LGBT center, Clinton slammed Trump's silence on Chechnya. 04/22/2017

Hillary Clinton Demands Trump Condemn Persecution of Gay and Bi Men in Chechnya
Homophobes Are Morons
Lucy Pearce
Nick Davis
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"Queer and non-queer people alike have a well-established track record of making bi-identified people feel invisible. Maybe they say that identifying as bi is just a step on the path to realizing you're gay. Or maybe they pepper you with questions and make you feel like they're trying to prove that you're really 'one or the other.'
If you feel it, it's a real thing. End of story."
Queer and nonqueer people alike have a wellestablished track record of making

23 Things LGBT People Wish They'd Actually Learned In Sex Ed
Kim Bo
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"Polyamory, in other words, is just another expression of the behavioral flexibility that is the true hallmark of our species — and one that, as I have learned from my reading, is predicated centrally on openness and honesty." - Barbara J. King for NPR
#SomeBisArePoly #SomeBisArent
Polyamory in other words is just another expression of the behavioral flexibility

A Cultural Moment For Polyamory
Iohanan Metellus
هاججرررر هجو
Samuel LeCompte
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#BiMagic ????
Snakey The Ball Python
Snakey The Ball Python
Michael Feather
Billie Hero
Laken Betts
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"If you just used your first initial no one would know you're a woman & you'd probably sell more books"
The Huffington Post
If you just used your first initial no one would know youre

#ThingsOnlyWomenWritersHear Documents Heartbreaking Sexism In Creative Fields
Ling Austin
Jennie Roberson
Louise Hewett
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Is this child Vincent Willem van Gogh (#Bi2, #OneOfUs)???!!! ???? 04/21/2017
Aakanksha Mahnot
Tess Mew
Monica Alexandra Aguilar