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I'm not the only one who thinks this way, am I?
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This is what it's like when you're in the weeds:
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Here are 8 things that could happen in your restaurant that would scare the hell out of you:

8 Mini Horror Stories That Could Happen in Your Restaurant | the bitchy waiter
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I really like some of my regulars, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't give any of them my kidney...

Hooters waitress learns loyal customer is in dire need of a kidney, volunteers herself
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This whole #justiceforbradswife at Cracker Barrel is hilarious. I wanted to write about it myself, but I just couldn't make it any funnier than it already is.

People Have A Big Question For Cracker Barrel And It Has Nothing To Do With Food
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TGIF. Like it matters...
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Can we please make this go viral so they can catch this scumbag who is dine and dashing and probably making servers pay for his food?

Serial Dine And Dasher Is Going Viral After Leaving Dates With Enormous Bills
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I just love when I get the chance to school someone on how restaurants actually work. And here we go!

Woman Doesn’t Like 5 Things About Restaurants. I Disagree With 4 of Them. | the bitchy waiter
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Tipping is not that difficult, people!
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Honestly, can't we just make restrooms for everyone and end this nonsense?

Restaurant owner denies ‘threatening’ trans people with bathroom sign
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I know I already blogged about this, but it really upsets me when a server does something this stupid.

California Waiter Demands “Proof of Residency” Before Serving Four Latina Women
It's always so disappointing to learn that a celebrity that you thought you liked might actually be an awful person. Case in point: Cat Deeley who totally stiffed her server.

Cat Deeley Rips Restaurant Apart on Twitter and Stiffs Her Server | the bitchy waiter
This whole "water with lemon" thing is getting out of hand.
Customers always gotta be so dramatic.