I thought to myself, “This is going to be easy.” “Tanya, you got this.” I quickly saw how unprepared I was to do this challenge. I gave it no thought and struggled the first few days. I actually realized that my husband, Don, does way more for me than I do for him. That made me mad. I was determined to outdo him.

30 Days Of Service Challenge For Couples | BlackandMarriedWithKids.com

Get intentional about moving your marriage in the right way?
They've turned their test into a testimony that is sure to encourage so many couples that are currently in "the waiting room."

Dafnette & Jumaine Jones: How Embracing The Waiting Room Led To The Biggest Blessing In Their Marriage

I’ve been a young mother, an older mother, a dead broke mother, a financially well-off mother, a single mother, and a married mother. And throughout it all, my needs remained the same; I needed a loving support system and I needed to feel safe and secure. I needed peace in my home. I needed to feel confident in myself. And I needed all of that so that I could be the best mom that I could be...
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Here are 8 things that truly make husbands happy and sex is not one of them.

8 Things, Other Than Sex, That Will Truly Make Your Husband Happy

The issue at hand is when your mate’s BFF wants to be more than just friends and has no problems in letting their intentions be known, especially too you! Read this then let us know how you deal with it.

How To Deal When Your Mate’s So-called BFF Wants To Be More Than Friends

The cost of weddings has spiked to $35,339 and couples are now putting a greater emphasis on the guest experience. Can you imagine the state of marriage if every person cared about their spouse’s experience? Here are a few examples of what it would look like if we transformed those “over the top” wedding trends into “over the top” marriage trends that could truly transform our relationship.

How To Turn An "Over The Top" Wedding Into An "Over The Top" Marriage

1. They Blame Their Spouse for the Affair

When you are upset and you fight dirty, you might say things like “If you weren’t out chasing those women, I wouldn’t have had to step out.” There might be truth in that statement, but there is no accountability or responsibility in it. Find out why here and read 2 more reasons too -->

Overcoming Infidelity: 3 Reasons Your Spouse Can't Move Past Your Affair