Black Sabbath
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on the cover of the current issue of Metal Hammer
Black Sabbath
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Tony performs on stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London on 17th February 1972
Black Sabbath
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February 16, 1973
Black Sabbath
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Pic from the final show in Birmingham, U.K.

Photo: Oliver Halfin Photography
Black Sabbath
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Backstage with RIVAL SONS, our tour mates on the entire #TheEnd run, after the last show.

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography
Black Sabbath
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Released February 13, 1970
Black Sabbath
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4 Continents
26 Countries
81 Tour Dates
1.6 Million Fans

#TheEnd Tour Facts
#TheEnd Is Now

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography
Tony & Ozzy #fbf
The Final Bow #TheEnd

Photo: Ross Halfin Photography
Flowers from Metallica sent to the final show. Thank you guys for thinking of us, we love you.
Keep Calm
Black Sabbath is Gone
The final song and final bow
Tonight, it is #TheEnd!!
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Tonight at The O2 then we're off for the final 2 shows at Genting Arena