No actual other details but this may be a new documentary. Nothing definite confirmed but if there are any other posts from Sir Tony, I will share them here. ☺
Hey everyone! The amazing Mr Tony R, a.k.a. Baldrick, is participating in Movember! He is sharing his progress on his Twitter account too.

If you would like to show your support for this wonderful cause and see if he develops a 'tache like Lord Melchett's or if it will just look like Sammy the Slug, click on the link to donate. Anything you can spare will be much appreciated.

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Tony Robinson's Mo Space
This is a bit cheeky but if you love pusscats could you please pop some votes in for this tiny branch of Cats Protection charity to win a desperately needed £1000 grant? They need at least 2500 votes! Just click the link, sign up to Aviva (no marketing nonsense) and use the 10 votes for this project. Thanks Bladders fans! [ Link ]
Mistress Amanda Quinn is selling this superb artefact bearing my noble features upon it. Oh and Badrick'n'Percy play a very very very very very minor role in the imagery.
[ Link ]
I don't know, exactly, whether this is fact or spoof but either way it's bloody funny! Whatever would old Slackbladder think?! :D
"Fortune vomits on my eiderdown once more."
It's that time of year again where we celebrate all things Bladders! March 15th is International Blackadder Status Day. Fill your Facebook feed with as many Blackadder statuses as you can! WOOF! Click the link for more info about the event, it's even more fun than an afternoon in Mrs Miggins Pie Shop.

International 'Blackadder' Status Day 2016! Tuesday March 15th 2016