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President Trump wants to eliminate at least two education programs that are critical for students in low income areas!

Bad News for Low Income College Students in Trump's 2017 Budget
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Her parents were forced to flee from Africa to Europe as war refugees in 1976, but that didn't stop her from becoming a successful entrepreneur!

From War Refugee To Successful Entrepreneur -- Portugal-Based African Business Woman Creates New Chemical-Free Premium Haircare Product Line For Textured Hair
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How this Black business woman made her way to the top in the world of cosmetics!

Started out as a Makeup Artist, and Then Launched Her Own Makeup Line Worth $1 Million
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Great scholarship program for African American students who are in financial need and have a commitment to their community!

Jesse Jackson's 2017 PUSH Excel Scholarship Program Now Open
03/21/2017 at 15:51. Facebook
Financial aid for African American women that want to become nurses!

NBNA Scholarship Program For Black Nurses Now Open
03/21/2017 at 15:47. Facebook
Yes, there are quite a few Black-owned beverage companies. What are you drinking?

6 Black-Owned Beverage Companies -- Stirring Up Wines, Teas, and Energy Drinks
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Black financial expert, Timolin R. Langin, wants to show you how to live like a millionaire on any budget!

Author/ Wealth Coach Teaching Others How To Live Like A Millionaire On Any Budget -- Says, "Financial Success Is Not A Gift; It's A Habit"
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Black-owned product and media company now selling these super cool afro-futuristic styling combs!

Innovative Company Releases New Line Of Afro-Futuristic Hair Styling Products
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Many Blacks are still in denial about what can happen when you drink alcoholic beverages outside while in the sun!

The Danger of Drinking Alcohol While Your Skin is Exposed to the Sun -- Many Blacks Still in Denial
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New Black-owned dessert company selling dessert candle with flavors like strawberry shortcake, apple pie, banana cheesecake, peach cobbler, and more!

Black College Student Finds Sweet Success Selling Edible Dessert Candles
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Look for these Black-owned food brands the next time you go grocery shopping!

5 Black-Owned Food Brands To Look For in Your Local Grocery Store
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Magnobrain, a Black-owned company in SC, inspires learning through play with their revolutionary line of board and card games!

Local Black-Owned Educational Game Company Bridging The Gap One Child At A Time
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The Black community confronts Korean beauty supply store owner after he attacked, tackled and choked one of his customers!

Civil Rights Leaders Confront Korean Store Owner Who Choked Black Woman Because He Thought She Was Stealing
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Less funding for low income housing projects will be available soon thanks to the Trump Administration!

How President Trump's Tax Cuts Will Affect Low Income Housing in a Really Bad Way
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African fashion designer has women all around the world saying "I Do" to his fabulous wedding gowns!

Black-Owned Couture Bridal Wear Brand Develops Huge Following -- Helping Women Say "I Do"
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After a slow start, this Nigerian entrepreneur now sells about 9,000 dolls every single month!

Once Struggling Black-Owned Doll Company Now Sells About 9,000 "Queens" and "Princesses" a Month
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Senegalese model Khoudia Diop on how she has come to love her dark skin!
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Ella Rucker's Millionaire Mastermind Weekend Exclusively for Serious Entrepreneurs is a two-day vision board party for small business owners will be mentoring by millionaires!

Welfare Mom Is Bringing Generational Wealth To Black Entrepreneurs
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Veteran author Dr. Rosie Milligan, described as a modern-day Harriet Tubman, has released her 21st published book!

Book Review: "Having Her Say" -- The 21st Published Book By Dr. Rosie Milligan, Described By Many As A Modern-Day Harriet Tubman