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If Vicky can't make you smile this morning, nothing can.

Thanks to Instagrammer Laura for this fabulous photo!
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Project Elephant's first jumbo resident has arrived just in time for World Water Day – a gigantic rainwater-harvesting tank!!

Making every drop count!
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Spring is finally here, which means we're open for a whole extra hour!! We're now open from 10am to 5.45pm every day throughout the Spring and Summer months.
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NEW for 2017!! Keeper School is designed for children aged 12-14. It follows on from Keeper Kids, teaching more about the unique lives of the many animals at Blackpool Zoo including birds, mammals, reptiles and primates.

We're now taking bookings for the first of this brand new course on Sunday May 28th!

NEW - Keeper School for 12-14 year olds!
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When you've been a little too indulgent over the weekend and it's time to hit the gym!
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Happy 13th Birthday Zambar!!
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This rather adorable little critter is an agouti, and while he might look small he proves that size isn't everything!!

In the wild, agoutis play a vital role in the survival of brazil nut trees - which bring millions of dollars into the remote areas of South America where they grow. Agoutis are the only animals that can open the thick husk to allow the brazil nut seeds to sprout.
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Happy St. Paddy's Day!! Obviously Paddy was thrilled to find out there's an entire day dedicated just to him...
You say drainpipe, we say carrot dispenser!
Run Khari, Run!
Because sometimes looking at an animal's face is overrated...

We love this alternative view of a giraffe from Instagrammer @kchad34
When you wake up on a #Caturday morning and your hair is just perfect.

Photo by Lynne Gorrie
Pssst, don't tell anyone.... but, we think it might just be Friday!!
Is it Friday yet?
Spring has sprung and our porcupines are back where they belong!! Now that winter is a distant memory and the weather is looking up, our tree porcupines were transported from their winter home back to their enclosure.
It's another beautiful day to be basking in the Spring sunshine!!
The sun is shining and we've been seeing some rather unusual activity in one of our trees as gorilla youngsters, Meisie and Moanda, have been exploring new heights!!
The sun is shining, it's a beautiful day and we've been seeing some rather unusual activity in one of our trees...

Can you guess who's has been practicing their climbing this morning?
Turns out it's double tamarin twin trouble... not only do we have Emperor Tamarin twins, we have a pair of Cotton Top twins too!!
Here's looking at you kid! Our Emperor Tamarin twins are as curious as they are adorable.