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Check out our little superstar in the making!! Xanna's growing up fast and is now not only eating solid food (fish), she's also started to show an interest in what goes on during training and displays. This is a clear sign from her that she wants to start learning, so our Keepers have been starting her off on the first steps of display training.

Of course, she's still too small for the big...
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It's Penguin Awareness today, so we thought we'd list 30 things you should probably be aware of.

1. They’re birds but they can’t fly.
2. They really like eating fish.
3. We have Magellanic penguins.
4. They wear dinner jackets… all the time.
5. The black and white colours actually help them stay camouflaged.
6. They projectile poo.
7. Our penguin chicks are named with a theme… That’s why...
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Primates are facing a crisis with 60% of species now threatened with extinction. It's all explained in this short video - which just so happened to be filmed here at the zoo!

Primates 'sliding towards extinction', say scientists - BBC News
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Notice anything different? We've knocked down one of our hangars!!

Some very nice men with clipboards and hard hats advised us that one of our old storage hangars wasn't as structurally sound as it perhaps could be. So, in the interests of safety, we've had it taken down. On the plus side, it's opened up to a spectacular view of Project Elephant!!

The space will be used for behind the...
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Anyone else feel a bit sorry for the one at the bottom?
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Koalifications are irrelephant - We’re like other zoos, only more fun and now we’re looking for exciting, smiley and motivated people to join our troop!

We've got vacancies in catering, retail, admissions, grounds and housekeeping, with full and part time hours available. You must be 16 or over to apply.

Current Vacancies at Blackpool Zoo
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If you've visited us recently you might have noticed a bit more (human) activity than usual in the Dinosaur Safari...

As part of Project Elephant, we'll be opening a brand new kiosk serving food with an Asian twist. If all goes to plan we'll be opening this part of the development in late Spring... so watch this space!

Dinosaur Safari is still open, but you might find you need to use the...
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We'll be taking part in the RSPB Love Nature Big Garden Bird Watch this weekend, and we'd love for you to help us!!

If you're visiting the zoo next Sunday (January 29th) from 12pm you'll be able to pick up a survey sheet on your way in and help us count our wild, feathered friends in the zoo.
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It might be Monday morning but the sun is shining over Blackpool and we hope you have an otterly amazing week!!

We just couldn't resist sharing this gorgeous photo, taken by Instagrammer Sam Smith - Thanks Sam!
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The mohawk is a thing of the past, but how would you describe Khari's new look?

Photo by Lianne Harding
Calling all members - Last chance to renew your Membership for 2017 - Renew before Friday January 20th and save!

Renewing is quick and easy - you can renew online, by phone or by popping in to see us. You don't need to collect your card before January 20th, you just need to have paid for it.

Renew your Membership before it's too late!
We're proud of our award winning Education Department and now we're looking for energetic, creative and hard-working individuals to join our pride for our busiest months.

Seasonal Education Assistant at Blackpool Zoo
We can't decide what's cuter... the perfectly pink tongue or beautifully boop-able nose. What do you think?

Thanks to Jamie Barber for sharing!
We're on TV!! Last year we had a lovely team in from S4C filming Antur Natur Cyw - a welsh language, educational programme for pre-school children. The show is airing every Wednesday at 7am, and will be available on BBC iPlayer shortly after (with subtitles).

So if you fancy learning a bit more about some of our animals (and how to talk about them in Welsh), make sure you tune in!!

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It's no easy task keeping everything in good working order and looking it's best... That's why we're looking for someone new to join our Maintenance and Ground team. So if you're stealthy with a saw, handy with a hammer or a whizz when it comes to welding... we want to hear from you!!

[ Link ]

We're hiring - Maintenance & Grounds Operative Vacancy
Hang in there... it's not toooo long to the weekend!!
What a beautiful photograph to cheer us up on this rather damp morning!!

Thanks to Hayley Latham for sharing - we hope you had a good day, Hayley!
This leaf is for frog parking only. All others will be toad.
Sit down, we need to talk... We're now 7 days into the new year, and our committee of camels would like to know if you've stuck to your New Year's Resolutions.
We're not afraid of the cold, are you?